5 Future Predictions for New Skincare Technology

image from Shutterstock┬áIt feels just recently I sat in the lobby of a dermatology center waiting on my friend to finish her treatment. We once spent 30 minutes at a makeup counter. Finally, she and the makeup artist were both frustrated enough with her skin. It was then she decided to see someone and try more advanced skincare technology. We both knew she had oily skin and thought this would be a simple fix, but it was not. After over a thousand dollars were spent to cover six different sessions of peels and other treatments we all grew tired and disappointed. It seemed there just wasn’t a cost-effective remedy for her skin. That was many years ago. In the coming days, the beauty industry will provide us with the tools we need to make our skincare woes a thing of the past.

What can we look for in the days ahead regarding skincare technology?

1. Ingestible Beauty Practices

Cleansing products featuring good bacteria lactobacillus and bifidobacterium will appear more frequently. Probiotic and antioxidant-based oils, creams and masks are starting to hit the markets already. These products will have the same organic and natural ingredients we seek for our nutritional benefit. Maybe even a pill or vitamin that’s specifically for skincare will be on the horizon next.

2. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) skincare equipment

Anti-aging, acne fighting and hair removal devices using laser technology are hitting the shelves more than ever as we do not want to go through the expensive surgery route. Today the new equipment will remove aging spots, lines, and wrinkles or cleanse the face safely and efficiently right from home. There are also newer wearable devices out now that will evolve over the next few years as well. Today you can purchase the wearable UV patch which lets you know what your sun exposure amounts are. Sun rays are damaging to us unless we wear the right sunscreen for our protection.

3. Travel safe skincare

Avoid having your latest beauty products tossed out by TSA agents by carrying new travel safe products that are naturally solids that you add water to for use.

4. Texture Alternating Skincare

You will begin to see cosmetics that will switch textures as you use them. Gels will turn to water and balms will turn to oil. There will also be color coded facial cleansers that will relate a color to your skin issues or concerns. These cleansing items will turn into a liquid when used.

5. Non-invasive skincare treatment

No more having angst about taking weeks off work for beauty treatment. Now there are non-invasive lasers that can remove spots, melt fat and we can see results a lot quicker that we used to with the more invasive procedures. Vanquish is a new machine that uses radio-frequency waves to melt away fat. It melts the inner layers of fat that are further away from the surface, so it does not bother the skin tissue.

Skincare is moving forward

Skincare has been important to us for centuries. From sand to berries to oils and creams we have always tried to find the best solution. It is too dry, too oily and too sensitive. How will we ever find the right products to give us everything we need in the realm of skincare? Our skin solutions have come a long way from extremely harsh and questionable chemicals to natural creams and oils and now even surgical options to give us the healthy and youthful look we all work daily to maintain.

The evolution of skincare technology is continuous. Skin care manufacturers are making strides to provide easier and more efficient ways to take care of our skin. Dark spots, wrinkles, cracked skin whatever woes time and nature may bring us, today there’s a product for it, but it is up to us to keep the innovation going. After all, it is us customers that give our opinions and drive the industry to its ever-changing destinations. Social media content has product reviews, recommendations and other influence which is the buzz the beauty industry uses to help give us what we want and increase their sales.

Speaking of sales, the beauty industry globally is just over a $100 billion-dollar market that will be worth billions more by 2019. Do you know who the category sales leader in the beauty industry is? You guessed it, skincare.


Skincare has changed so much over the years. Furthermore, as time goes on the changes are faster and more beneficial. There was a time when you looked forward to the slight tingle to let you know a facial cleanser was working. The burn would last for only a while and then you added on the moisturizer. Since it irritated my skin a little it was working, right? Then the minute you stopped using the product because you ran out of it or the treatment period was over the spots came back with a vengeance. Those days are finally in the past as we move towards harmless organic cleansers, water based moisturizers and home based skincare technology that gives us pain-free beauty.

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