Local Spotlight – The Agency Luxe: Waterfront Homes Real Estate in South Florida

Waterfront Homes and Luxury Real Estate in South Florida

High-end real estate presents unique challenges. The team at The Agency Luxe experience these challenges daily and can help clients with discrete personalized service. The homes The Agency Luxe lists are above par in design and quality. Therefore, if you are looking for an oceanfront vacation spot or something for day-to-day residence, The Agency Luxe helps you find the perfect home.

For over ten years, The Agency Luxe leads the South Florida luxury real estate market. A unique and diverse roster of prominent high-net-worth individuals makes up The Agency Luxe’s client list. Founded by Larry Weisberg, The Agency Luxe team finds waterfront homes that stand out in the luxury real estate market. Find your dream South Florida luxury home with The Agency Luxe.

Larry Weisberg began his career with a private law practice and title company. Today, The Agency Luxe partners with affiliate Oasis Title Company to streamline the home buying process. Oasis Title Company and their partners at Weisberg & Associates cover all legal needs from contract to closing. Additionally, they provide legal guidance to cover all bases. Finally, the process is easy, efficient, and provides peace of mind to clients going through the stressful experience of buying waterfront homes.

The Agency Luxe eases the process of reviewing and clearing your new home’s title with their affiliate title company. People who work with The Agency Luxe appreciate its efficiency and the security they feel from a protected investment. Accordingly, clients receive optimal customer service from the luxury real estate company.

It’s become a powerful way to easily and efficiently review and clear title, providing customers with the peace of mind that investment protection provides. The Agency Luxe delivers optimal customer service to its home buyers and sellers. Their stellar reputation reflects their impressive track record

Serving South Florida

The Luxe Agency has over 300 waterfront homes and listings in cities including:

  • Boca Raton
  • Boynton Beach 
  • Delray Beach
  • Gulf Stream 
  • Highland Beach 
  • Lighthouse Point 
  • Manalapan 
  • Ocean Ridge 
  • Palm Beach Island
  • West Palm Beach 

Buying and Selling Real Estate in South Florida

The Agency Luxe team possess varied skill sets that help clients with their various buying and selling needs. For both residential or commercial properties, The Agency Luxe real estate experience is the best in South Florida. Furthermore, they handle both the financing and acquisition to save you time and ease the process. From here on, whether this is your first time or 100th time buying or selling, your experience with The Agency Luxe is a guaranteed success.

A South Florida Real Estate Agency You Can Trust

Clients report 100% satisfaction with The Agency Luxe experience. First and foremost, these South Florida agents work hard to find the exact listing homebuyers want. If you are selling, they hustle to get eyes on your listing. That way, you sell faster. Along with their partners at Weisberg & Associates, The Agency Luxe provides legal advice to guide and assist people through the process.

Sell Your Waterfront Homes for More

The real estate market goes up and down, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose on your investment. The Agency Luxe works hard to sell your home for what it’s worth. If you’re ready to sell your South Florida luxury property, request a home evaluation from The Agency Luxe and see just how much your home is worth.


Posted on March 7, 2017 in Local Spotlight

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