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Local Spotlight: Electrical Panel Pros, Suncoast Electric and Air

Suncoast Electric and Air have been serving the Delray Beach area for over 20 years. They have always focused on family and home safety. The highly skilled electricians seek not only to protect families but help them understand the dangers of any expired electrical panel and wiring. Installation is fast. Within as little as 24…

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law firm marketing bryan wilson

A Law Firm Marketing Case Study: Texas Law Hawk

We’ve been a little obsessed lately at Shark Bite SEO by a law firm marketing campaign that’s so ridiculous it works. Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, begins his attorney commercial by running down the street in slow motion while an American flag flutters wistfully behind him. Because, America. Next, Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk…

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google sues robocallers

Google Files Lawsuit Against Robocalling SEO Agency

SEO firms and small business owners unite! Google has heard our cries and it taking action! Since Shark Bite SEO first opened its doors in Delray Beach a few years ago, we’ve been plagued by the same call every single day. It begins friendly enough with a polite “hello” and a humble introduction from an…

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lessons new google logo

Lessons Learned From The New Google Logo

Last week, Google unveiled its new, sans-serif logo to go with its complete corporate restructuring. Along with it’s fresh look, Google announced a new CEO in Sundar Pichai with its co-founders forming an umbrella parent company, Alphabet. There’s been a lot of talk among designers about Google’s new look with about a 50/50 split in…

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Local Spotlight: Russell Watergardens

Koi Ponds and Water Landscape Design Koi ponds and filters and waterfalls, oh my! Russell Watergardens is the respected leader in patented pond filtration systems and water gardening design. Products include: Skimmers Pumps Lights Drains Instilation Services And so much more Located in Redmond, Washington, Russell Watergardens is one of those shops where you walk…

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Holiday Season

Give Your Business a Touch of Humanity for the Holidays

The close of the year is upon us and the holidays are finally here! Many business owners take this time to show their appreciation to customers that have supported them through out the year. The holidays are the perfect time to give your business a human touch. The final quarter of the year is prime…

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Google Sharks

Google’s Underwater Tech Predators

Sharks are literally taking a bite out of Google. The necessity of underwater data cables requires Google to protect its underwater network from predator sharks known for attacking them. The sharks are naturally drawn to the magnetic field of the cables by its signals, which are similar to those given off by distressed fish. Supposedly,…

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