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Massachusetts DUI AttorneyHave you been charged with a DUI? Are you scared and searching for answers? Do you need someone to help minimize the consequences of a bad decision or a trumped up charge? If so, your next call needs to be to Massachusetts DUI attorney Chad Bank.

If you are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the consequences are severe, even if this is your first offense. You can expect to pay huge costs, lose your right to drive, have to attend counseling, and possibly spend time in jail. If there is a previous DUI conviction on your record, those consequences only multiply.

The situation you are in is dire. And the fallout from a DUI conviction can have consequences that hold you back for the rest of your life. But you should not lose hope and plead guilty to whatever the prosecutor puts in front of you.

The smartest and strongest strategy is to contact Massachusetts DUI attorney Chad Bank immediately. Attorney Bank has years of experience fighting DUI charges. After working on every type of case imaginable, he knows how to mount an effective defense no matter what the details of the DUI involve. It may not be possible to avoid all penalties. But with the commitment and experience of Chad Bank at your disposal, you can use every resource and strategy available to minimize the consequences of a DUI charge.

There are two things you should never do in your situation. The first is to assume that your guilt is guaranteed and that you deserve the punishment of the courts. Everyone charged with a crime has a right to a defense. And aggressive policing strategies often snare drivers and saddle them with dubious declarations of guilt. The second thing you should never do is try and represent yourself. The process of resolving a DUI is complicated and confusing, and any prosecutor will have no problem dismantling a DIY defense. In order to get the outcomes you want and put this unfortunate event behind you, partner with a leading Massachusetts DUI attorney like Chad Bank immediately.

Select Practice Areas

Chad Bank is known throughout the state and beyond for his work fighting drunk driving charges. But his passion and experience apply to all criminal defendants, regardless of the charges levied against them. When you require a lawyer who has experience, commitment, and solutions at hand, you can depend on Attorney Chad Bank. This is a selection of practice areas where he focuses his attention:

  • DUI Defense – The police and prosecutors may tell you that your guilt is guaranteed. But the truth is that it is always possible to fight a DUI charge, whether it is your first one or a subsequent one. A skilled Massachusetts DUI attorney will be able to examine the evidence, evaluate the facts of the case, and devise a strategy to either avoid or minimize the penalties you face. A quick survey of Chad Bank’s case history reveals that he has a long track record of success. Do not assume that the worst of the worst is coming your way. Partner with Chad Bank, and put your defense in the hands of a lawyer who knows how to question every scrap of evidence and use the law to your advantage.
  • Criminal Defense – Depending on what you have been charged with, a criminal conviction can ruin your life. You may spend a significant amount of time behind bars. You could end up with a felony conviction on your record. And your dreams and goals will be put on hold while you are sorting out the consequences of a bad decision or momentary mistake. Chad Bank is eager to stand up for a wide range of criminal defendants, including those facing drug, theft, and assault charges among others. With a lawyer like Chad Bank leading your defense strategy, you can do everything possible to preserve your reputation and maintain your freedoms.
  • Expungement – Even with a great Massachusetts DUI attorney or criminal defense lawyer on your side, you may end up with a criminal record. As a result, anytime someone looks into your background your past mistakes will jump out to call your character into question. You may find it harder to secure employment, get approved for a loan, rent an apartment, or form close relationships with others. Luckily, expungement is a process through which convicted criminals can have damaging information removed from their record. The process is complicated, and not all charges can be removed. But with the assistance and experience of Chad Bank, you can keep past mistakes from holding back your future fortunes.

The law is on your side, but only if you know how to use it to your advantage. Put yourself in a position of strength and certainty by working with Massachusetts DUI attorney Chad Bank.

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