Local Spotlight – Chad Bank: RI Criminal Defense Lawyer

 Chad Bank has established himself as one of the most experienced and accomplished RI criminal defense lawyers in the state. Attorney Bank has worked with an extensive number of clients and tackled on high-profile cases where lives are on the line. His long track record of success and diverse legal background are clear evidence that Chad Bank puts the needs of the client above everything else. Anyone looking for an RI criminal defense lawyer who is committed and capable of going above and beyond will want to reach out to Chad Bank when they find themselves in any kind of trouble with the law.

Primary Areas of Practice

The law affects people in all kinds of ways, both positively and negatively. Rather than having to find multiple different lawyers who only specialize in a narrow set of legal issues, Attorney Bank has established his firm to meet a broad range of common legal needs. That way you save time and feel confident working with RI criminal defense lawyer who you know and trust. These are the primary areas of practice that Chad Bank and his team focus on:

  • RI Criminal Defense – There is no such thing as a minor charge. Anytime you have been accused of a crime, it is imperative that you mount a criminal defense. It is never a smart strategy to try and represent yourself. And it is even less advisable that you automatically plead guilty. With the help of an RI criminal defense lawyer like Chad Bank, it is possible to fight any kind of criminal charges, including felonies and misdemeanors. Attorney Bank works closely with every client to establish the facts of the case and ensure that the truth comes out in court. When it is not possible to expect a not-guilty verdict, Attorney Bank does everything possible to argue for a reduced sentence or negotiate a plea agreement that puts the client’s best interests first.
  • RI Personal Injury – Accidents happen all the time on the road, at a construction site, in a store, or within a hospital. Sometimes no one is to blame for those accidents. But other times they are a direct result of the negligence and irresponsibility of someone else. If you have been injured in one of these accidents, or someone you love has died, Chad Bank is here to represent you. In addition to being an RI criminal defense lawyer, Chad Bank has extensive experience handling personal injury cases. These case are designed to hold negligent parties responsible for the damage they have caused so that another innocent person does not get hurt. With the help of tenacious council like Attorney Bank, it’s possible for plaintiffs to pursue a financial settlement to cover the cost of their recovery and restore some of what has been lost as a result of a preventable accident.
  • RI Family Law – Considering how common divorce is and how big an impact it has on all involved, many people find that they require a family law attorney at some point in the lives. Chad Bank brings the tenacity he has learned as an RI criminal defense lawyer into the family courts. But it is balanced by a deep understanding of how sensitive family law issues are and how deeply they affect the people wrapped up in them. No matter how you want to move forward – aggressively or cooperatively – Attorney Bank is equipped to guide you through the family courts on your terms. Rather than leaving something so important up to uncertainties, partner with an attorney who will make some of life’s most difficult moments as easy as possible.
  • RI DUI Law – It only takes one bad decision to end up with a DUI charge. But rather than heaping blame on yourself and accepting whatever punishment the court assigns, reach out to an RI criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience working on DUI cases. The penalties for even a first DUI include hefty fines and fees, serious restrictions on your freedom, and possibly even time behind bars. When a defendant already has a conviction on his or her record, the court is eager to throw the book at them. The situation is dire, but Attorney Bank draws on his background and careful understanding of DUI defense to help anyone charged with impaired driving fight the charge and keep their record clean.

Chad Bank has become a leading RI criminal defense lawyer by providing the level of care and commitment that people really want when legal issues put their future in jeopardy. In addition to his skill with the law and the extensive resources his firm is equipped to provide, Attorney Bank knows how to help clients feel comfortable, confident, and clear about the situation they face. No outcome is guaranteed, but Chad Bank does everything necessary to resolve a bad situation as positively as possible.



Posted on March 7, 2017 in Local Spotlight

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