Content Marketing and SEO – A Happy Marriage

content marketing and seo pairing

Content marketing and SEO have quickly taken over the Internet in only a few short years. It’s crazy to think that two of today’s most highly demanded jobs didn’t even exist a decade ago. How times they are a changin’. Yet, there’s nothing new under the sun and in this case the main goal of marketing remains unchanged: give the consumer what they want.

In the case of content marketing’s pairing with SEO, it makes sense. After all, you need search engines to find prospects for your content and you need content to keep people coming back for more. It really is a match made in heaven. Without SEO, content is just a couple more bytes of data taking up room on the Internet. And without content, SEO’s just spam.

With that said, there’s a couple of ways to use content marketing and SEO together to improve your website.

Content Marketing and SEO Key Elements

The number one rule in writing content is to write for people first – always. Write in a way that’s human and conversions will follow. But while you’re at it, there’s a couple of things you can do on the SEO front to help your content get discovered.

Use the Right Keywords

You might have heard people say keywords don’t matter anymore, but it’s not true. It’s not that keywords don’t matter, it’s that they’ve gotten smarter. Gone are the days where a single, concise keyword or phrase was tacked throughout the piece of content. During those days, a piece of content focused on selling green Ford Mustangs might have read something like this…

Rooney Auto Supply is the finest seller of Green Ford Mustangs this side of the Mississippi. Green Ford Mustangs are the best car out there and Green Ford Mustangs are the only car driven by Speed Racer himself. Green Ford Mustangs will get you to where you want to go, when you want to get there. So stop on by Rooney Auto for all your Green Ford Mustang needs…
…and Green Ford Mustangs.

Alright, we might’ve engaged in a little keyword stuffing on that one but you get the gist. It’s no longer necessary to pollute good content with keywords anymore. Search engines are aren’t complete robots and will pick up on variations of keywords when performing searches. In the Mustang case, it’s ok to use words and phrases like ‘Mustangs for sale,’ ‘green cars,’ and ‘Ford Mustang dealerships.’

Use Relevant Title and Meta Descriptions

Title and meta descriptions are those headlines and blurbs you see on search engine readouts that gives you a teaser to what the content holds. Ranking-wise, titles and meta descriptions don’t hold a huge hold. But they do play a big part in enticing the reader to engage with your content. Before clicking on your content, this is the only information the reader has to go on. By writing quality descriptions you give the reader what they’re looking for. This leads to high relevance which will boost your content up Google’s ranks.

Add Keywords to Page Subtitles

Subtitles work to your advantage on both the user side and the search engine side. On the side of SEO, Google places weight on subtitles more than on body text. Sprinkle keywords and variations throughout subtitles to help your content rank. On a human level, subtitles assist in breaking up the mind’s eye, making content easier to digest. People tend to scan online more than they are likely to read. Headers and subtitles help the scanning viewer make better sense of the content at hand.

Posted on September 18, 2015 in Delray Beach, Search Engine Optimization

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