Local Spotlight – Erica Bansmer: Stockton Divorce Lawyer

lawyers in stockton, caFor more than a decade, Attorney Erica M. Bansmer has been one of the leading lawyers in Stockton, CA. Her practice provides a wide range of high-quality legal services in order to help people from all backgrounds use the laws and the courts to their advantage. If you are looking for an attorney to provide the kind of committed, confident, comprehensive representation you require, count on Attorney Bansmer and her team to deliver.

Expert Areas of Practice

One of the features that sets Attorney Erica M. Bansmer apart from other lawyers in Stockton, CA is that her firm does not focus on a single legal specialty. Rather, Attorney Bansmer has experience and a track-record of success working with clients who require a variety of legal assistance. As a result, clients are able to rely on a single lawyer who they know and trust to handle every legal obstacle and seize every legal opportunity that presents itself. These are the primary areas of practice that Attorney Bansmer focuses on:

  • Stockton Criminal Defense Lawyer – Every criminal charge is a serious one. Even a misdemeanor conviction can force you to pay significant fines and sacrifice certain freedoms. And if you are convicted of a felony you will likely spend time behind bars and be branded as a hardened criminal for the rest of your life. As a Stockton criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Bansmer knows how to examine the evidence, study the case law, and craft a defense designed to preserve your freedoms. If a not-guilty verdict is unreasonable to expect, Attorney Bansmer will do everything possible to reduce the sentence.
  • Stockton Family Law Lawyer – Issues like divorce, alimony, and child custody are both highly complex and deeply personal. There is a lot on the line for everyone involved, and the outcomes can impact the members of a family for decades. Having an experienced Stockton family law lawyer like Erica M. Bansmer to provide counsel, guidance, and action is essential for securing the outcomes that you desire. When you need confidence, comfort, and certainty, you will want to rely on attorney Bansmer over other lawyers in Stockton, CA.
  • Stockton Bankruptcy Lawyer – Bankruptcy is a mechanism that allows people to overcome serious financial setbacks and start over on a firm foundation. However, the laws related to bankruptcy are quite complex, and under no circumstances is filing for bankruptcy a quick or easy process. Rather than trying to handle this delicate issue on your own, rely on Stockton bankruptcy lawyer Erica M. Bansmer to help you make effective decisions and avoid unintentional setbacks. With the right legal counsel, you can use the bankruptcy process to your full advantage and put financial strife behind you.
  • Stockton DUI Lawyer – Charges related to driving under the influence of alcohol are very common, but that does not mean the punishment is only a slap on the wrist. Being convicted of a first offense subjects you to hefty fines, serious restraints on your freedoms, and possibly even jail time. If you have a previous conviction, those penalties only multiply. Rather than automatically pleading guilty or trying to handle your defense on your own, trust your case to a Stockton DUI lawyer like Erica M. Bansmer. By relying on her experience and insights, you can challenge the assertions of the police and prosecutors and fight to keep your record clean. Even when consequences are unavoidable, Attorney Bansmer can work to minimize them as much as possible.
  • Stockton Drug Lawyer – Drug laws on both the state and national level are sweeping in their scope and punitive in their sentencing. If you or someone you love has been charged with a drug-related crime, a spirited defense is essential. It is often the case that a seemingly minor infraction carries a hefty mandatory penalty. That means that a single bad decision or a moment or poor judgment can have consequences that last a lifetime. Rather than accepting whatever punishment the courts decide you deserve, partner with a Stockton drug lawyer like Erica M. Bansmer. With over a decade of experience to draw on, Attorney Bansmer knows how to challenge evidence, develop a counter-narrative, and argue for a sentence that matches the crime. Rather than leave your future up to chance, partner with a judgement-free local attorney who will help you exercise your rights to the fullest extent the law permits.

In addition to her years of legal experience, Attorney Erica M. Bansmer has degrees in Economics and Psychology. That gives her a broad and diverse background that other lawyers in Stockton, CA lack. When you require an attorney who will go the extra mile and provide the level of service and support your legal issues require, trust Erica M. Bansmer to excel.

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