Local Spotlight – Greg Noble: Massachusetts DUI Lawyer

massachusetts dui lawyerWhen legal issues put your future in jeopardy, a quality attorney is the single best asset you can have. Greg Noble is a Massachusetts DUI lawyer with an impressive track record of success. Attorney Noble is a former prosecutor who successfully convicted a substantial number of DUI offenders. He then decided to enter private practice and offer his services to defendants charged with impaired driving. His primary area of practice is as a Massachusetts DUI lawyer, but Attorney Noble works with a wide range of criminal defendants. When you require counsel that can turn a scary and confusing situation into one you feel confident about, Greg Noble is here to provide advice and guidance.

DUI Defense

Working with a Massachusetts DUI lawyer is essential whenever you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is possible to fight the charges and challenge the claims of the court in any situation. And by fighting back, you have a chance to avoid serious penalties and a significant stain on your record.

  • First Offense DUI – Even if you have a perfect record, a first offense DUI charge can create a lot of problems in your life. If you are found guilty you will have to pay hundreds of dollars in fines and fees, give up your right to drive from months, attend mandatory counseling, and possibly spend time in jail. The courts do not show leniency on first-time offenders, and the process for resolving any DUI is confusing and complicated. That is why it’s essential to partner with a Massachusetts DUI attorney as soon as possible.
  • Second Offense DUI – If you have any DUI charge on your record from any point in your life, a subsequent charge will be considered a second offense DUI. The penalties for a conviction go up significantly. If you want to avoid straining your finances and losing some of the basic freedoms that you rely on, you will need to fight back. Attorney Greg Nobel can utilize effective strategies designed to minimize the consequences you face.
  • Third Offense DUI – This offense is a felony in the state of Massachusetts. That means if you are found guilty, you face serious penalties over the short-term, as well as restrictions and repercussions that haunt you for the rest of your life. Working with a Massachusetts DUI lawyer is absolutely essential if you are going to convince the court that you do not deserve to have the book thrown at you.
  • Fourth Offense DUI – If you are found guilty of this offense you will spend at least two years behind bars and potentially pay up to $25,000 in fines. Since you have established yourself as a repeat offender, the court will feel no obligation to treat you with leniency. Even in these dire circumstances, Attorney Greg Nobel can craft a defense strategy to protect your interests.

Criminal Defense

The same traits that make Greg Noble a leading Massachusetts DUI attorney make him an accomplished criminal defense attorney. When you or someone you love is in trouble with the law, partnering with legal counsel as soon as possible is absolutely essential. That way misunderstandings and mistakes do not jeopardize your case. Attorney Noble has the experience to fight a wide range of charges and the tenacity that criminal defendants want to rely on.

  • Assault and Battery – Even a minor scuffle can subject you to serious assault and battery charges. It does not matter how clear the circumstance of the incident seems to you. You will need someone like Attorney Noble to take the lead in your defense if you hope for it to succeed.
  • Drug Charges – These charges affect a large number of people and carry heavy penalties in almost all cases. Do not assume that you will automatically be found guilty. Rely on the experience of Attorney Greg Noble to help you establish your innocence or argue for a lesser sentence.
  • Domestic Violence – Despite the stigma these charges carry, they are often applied to defendants who did nothing wrong. If you have been unfairly or inaccurately charged with domestic violence, it is imperative that you mount a defense and keep your reputation clear. Attorney Greg Noble will ensure that your side of the story comes out in court.
  • Shoplifting – It does not matter if you are caught red handed. It is possible to challenge shoplifting charges or convince the courts to reduce the sentence. Do not let one dumb decision brand you as a thief for the rest of your life.

As both a Massachusetts DUI lawyer and a Massachusetts criminal lawyer, Greg Noble is known as a client-first attorney. That means Attorney Noble does whatever it takes to stand up for a defendant’s rights and protect a defendant’s freedoms. Counsel is available 24/7 so that you do not have to wait to get the information and advice you urgently need.


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