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estate planning attorneyElder Law & Estate Planning Attorney Jay Bianco

For over 15 years, Jay Bianco works tirelessly to help the elderly with their legal needs. From simple wills to long-term care planning, estate planning attorney Jay Bianco knows the complexities of these laws. Bianco protects his clients’ assets and eases the burden of estate planning.

Bianco has a background in the fields of family, criminal, and personal injury law. The Roger Williams University alumnus is licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts State Courts as well as Rhode Island Federal Court. As a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Bianco cares deeply about the protection of the elderly. His expertise offers an exceptional experience when it is the time to start thinking about estate planning.


The Experienced Elder Law Attorney

Elder law attorneys advocate for the rights of seniors to make their decisions and protect them from fraud. There are many factions of elder law, including:

  • Emergency Planning – Protect yourself from an uncertain future by planning for the unexpected. An emergency planning attorney helps you devise a plan to protect you and your assets in case of a serious accident. An elder law attorney provides a rational point of view for a sensitive subject with the elderly and their loved ones. An emergency planning consultation saves your family stress and time in case of a tragedy.
  • Guardianship – Some people need legal representation when age and illness compromise their mental faculties. A guardianship attorney protects the interests of their ward when they cannot. Jay Bianco offers limited guardianship, co-guardianship, and property custody for Rhode Island elders and their families.
  • Revocable Trusts – Sometimes, no matter how much you plan the Universe throws you for a loop. Traditional estate planning cannot cover every circumstance that arises as a person ages. A revocable trust– also called a “living trust” or “inter vivos trust”– covers areas traditional estate planning cannot.
  • Power of Attorney – If you become unable to make your legal decisions, granting your estate lawyer Power of Attorney protects you. An experienced elder law attorney like Jay Bianco drafts the proper language so there are no durability issues in case of an emergency. Whether you need limited or a broad-scope, Bianco prides himself on effectiveness and fairness.


Rhode Island Estate Planning Attorney

Elders work hard for their assets so that they may leave something behind. Estate planning attorney Jay Bianco works with clients to protect property and provide for loved ones.

  • Wills and Trusts – Wills and trusts are complicated. An experienced estate planning attorney works with you to protect your assets and family. Elderly trust Jay Bianco with their wills because of his transparency. He explains costs and fees up front. He advises from a legal perspective the most beneficial decisions to make. Furthermore, he works especially with the elderly, so he understands their needs.
  • Estate Planning – Large or small, estate planning is essential. Your attorney considers all of your assets, so you don’t have to. A helpful attorney works with clients to ensure as much as they can while protecting their family from excessive inheritance taxes.
  • Medicaid Planning – If you need long-term care, Medicaid does not pay unless your entire savings is depleted. Medicaid planning creates trusts to protect your estate. This allows you to receive Medicaid payments in case you need nursing home care.
  • Irrevocable Trusts – This legal document is not right for everyone. If someone fears their inheritors may misuse or misappropriate their inheritance, they communicate how they wish to proceed in case of death via an irrevocable trust. They also ease the tax burden when it is too much for a senior and help resolve complex estate situations.
  • Probate – A loved one’s death is difficult. If you worry about how the pressure put on the executor of your estate in the case of your death, a probate attorney helps. An attorney makes sure your representative understands the entire probate process. They locate assets, take care of taxes, and overall guide your executor through this difficult time.


Contact estate planning attorney Jay Bianco

Estate planning does not have to be complicated and challenging. The right attorney helps elders structure a plan that makes the process thorough and efficient. An inclusive plan takes the burden off your loved ones in case of a tragic accident or death. If you are in Rhode Island and need estate planning consultation, contact Jay Bianco for an appointment. Call 401-206-0098.

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