Local Spotlight – John E. MacDonald: RI Criminal Defense Lawyer

RI Criminal Defense LawyerHaving a great lawyer is more than just an asset. It is essential if you want to use the law to your advantage and avoid the worst kinds of penalties. John E. MacDonald has dedicated his life to helping people like you turn the law from a negative into a positive.

Attorney MacDonald has established himself as a leading RI criminal defense lawyer. That is because he has years of experience to draw on, a background in all different types of criminal defense, and a record of success that speaks for itself. Defendants in Rhode Island have learned John E. MacDonald is eager and able to go to bat for them.

In addition to his work as an RI criminal defense lawyer, Attorney MacDonald offers legal services related to some of the most confusing and consequential circumstances a person can face. By putting in the time and study to make himself a legal Renaissance man, John E. MacDonald has become a lawyer you can rely on for just about anything and everything.

The commitment and capabilities of Attorney MacDonald are matched only by the credentials of his team and the resources of his firm. When you want to feel confident that you have every advantage at your disposal, The Law Office of John E. MacDonald will make you certain. Do not put your future and freedoms in jeopardy by not working with a team who can provide you everything. Whether as an RI criminal defense lawyer or a legal eagle in other matters, John E. MacDonald is the type of counsel you can trust when it matters most.

Areas of Practice

Rather than searching for a number of different firms and trying to vet a bunch of different lawyers, make John E. MacDonald the attorney you turn to when you need information, advice, guidance, and counsel.

  • Criminal Defense – Any kind of criminal conviction comes with consequences you want to avoid. Even a misdemeanor can cost you a lot of money and restrict your freedoms. And if you are convicted of a felony, you will likely spend time behind bars and will have a criminal record for the rest of your life. As a leading RI criminal defense lawyer, John E. MacDonald knows how to stand up for you no matter what kind of charges you are facing. He does anything and everything possible to get charges thrown out or to secure a not-guilty verdict. And when that is not possible, Attorney MacDonald will negotiate with the prosecutors to arrange a fair plea deal. Do not put your future on shaky ground. partner with an attorney who goes above and beyond for all defendants.
  • Divorce and Family Law – When issues within a family spill into the courts, it is essential that you have effective representation. John E. MacDonald can represent you if you are going through a divorce, fighting for custody of your kids, or safeguarding your finances for the future. A lot is riding on the outcomes of these cases. And the courts have a lot of control over matters that are normally personal and private. Rely on John E. Macdonald and his team to put your interests first.
  • Immigration – Your future is in the United State. If your right to stay in the country has been put in jeopardy, working with an immigration attorney like John E. MacDonald is crucial. Immigration law is incredibly complex and confusing. But with the right representation, you can do everything possible to stay in your adopted homeland. The Law Office of John E MacDonald has the resources you require during a difficult situation.
  • Post-Conviction Relief – The outcome of your conviction is not necessarily fixed. It may be possible to vacate or modify a conviction, but only with the help of an attorney like John E. MacDonald. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your future to do everything possible to minimize the fallout of a criminal conviction. Someone with the experience and dedication of Attorney Macdonald will step up to the plate for you before, during, and after the trial.
  • Personal Injury – If you have been hurt in an accident, you may be entitled to a financial settlement from the person or parties who caused it. However, there is a heavy burden of proof on the plaintiff. And you can expect the other side to mount an aggressive defense to deny responsibility. In order to heal and put a trauma behind you, you will need to work with a tenacious personal injury attorney like John E. MacDonald. Attorney MacDonald and his team will do everything possible to ensure that you get what you deserve and that avoidable dangers do not put another life at risk.


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