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Structured Settlements

Freedom Financial Solutions

Freedom Financial Solutions is a local company based in Boynton Beach, Florida. Freedom Financial specializes in structured settlement advances and provides new solutions for your financial obstacles. With over sixteen years in the financial solutions vertical, the South Florida company has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cash flow industry.

Founded out of the desire to provide effective financial alternatives to aid in attaining cash flow goals and needs, Freedom Financial has built a solid reputation of integrity and success. Freedom Financial’s in-house experts are committed to providing top-level customer service and financial services. Their team consists of the most knowledgeable leaders in the industry. Freedom Financial offers an array of services for the benefit of the clients including structured settlements, commercial lending and lottery services.

Structured Settlements

A structured settlement is commonly reflected as a result of a wrongful death or personal injury in which the party accepts scheduled payments from the responsible party. Unfortunately, situations arise when waiting for rewarded compensation just doesn’t work. That’s where Freedom Financial shines. Whether you’re in need of a cash for medical treatments or to eliminate the mounting bills of debt, as experts in the structured settlement arena Freedom Financial’s services can help you reduce stress and get the cash you need when you need it.If you ask Can I Sell My Structured Settlement? call Freedom Financial to discuss your options.

Freedom Financial provides secure financial alternatives to assist customers with cash flow difficulties. By delivering customized options for specific individual needs, they can serve a wide range of clients with solid financial solutions. They have been in business for over two decades tackling complex issues that have sometimes proven to be to difficult for traditional financial institutions. With so many circumstances demanding structured settlement solutions, the approach to settlements can become vague and misused.

Freedom Financial aims to provide consumers with asset purchasing and cash flow options that are simple, cost efficient, and fast. A huge emphasis is also placed on the integrity of the business. The team of professionals at FFS are knowledgeable specialists with a lot of experience in the industry. The company goes to great lengths to offer the best training for employees. This strong commitment to training ensures that the Freedom Financial team performs at the highest level of customer-oriented service. Knowing your structured settlement company has extensive training and a successful track record is a huge plus when facing strenuous financial hardships.

Commercial Lending

Freedom Financial also provides comprehensive financial service packages. By working with various commercial lenders, Freedom can deliver multiple options for your request. Overall their lenders include commercial banks, private lending institutions and hard money lenders. This wide range of commercial lender options facilitates the process of finding you the financial backing you need.

Regardless of the size of your company’s need the specialists at Freedom Financial have the experience and products available to assist you. Companies seeking to secure small lines of credit to cover day to day operations are offered the same level of customer service and focus as the company looking to expand its reach and grow to the next level. Freedom’s team of professionals go to great lengths to ensure the consumer has a strong understanding of the criteria required by lenders and facilitates the entire process to help you reach your goals.

Film Financing

Accomplishing your filmmaking goals doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Freedom Financial offers film-makers solid financial backing for the three primary stages in film making; development, production and distribution. By focusing on five key areas of film production; private equity, government grants, debt finance, equity finance and tax incentives, Freedom Financial is able to provide reliable financing avenues for up and coming film projects.

Freedom Financial strives to be efficient in each customer transaction they perform by keeping the costs low and the process simple. Integrity plays a major role in the company’s overall culture and is championed in each department of Freedom Financial. If you have questions regarding a cash flow obstacle and would like to receive professional Structured Settlement advice contact our financial solution experts at 1-877-227-4354.

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