Local Spotlight: Brooklyn Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

brooklyn multiple listing serviceBrooklyn MLS (multiple listing service) takes the guesswork and agony out of searching several sources when seeking out Brooklyn homes for sale. This makes the life of the seller and buyer a million times easier. Brooklyn MLS offers the lowest yearly dues, 40 free annual listings, and affordable agent fees. It is one of the most trafficked real estate websites for residential home sales and apartment rentals in Brooklyn, NYC. There is a broad variety of different homes throughout the boroughs of Brooklyn that you will not find on any other website.

What Brooklyn Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Has to Offer:

  1. Multiple Listing Service
  2. Fully computerized online listing system & member database
  3. Active Listings on Realtor.com and numerous international websites
  4. Link with the Brooklyn Board of Realtors Website
  5. 3,700 agents and 325 offices
  6. 3,700 agents and 325 offices
  7. Over 3,500 active listings with IDX interface
  8. BNYMLS member and public website
  9. Lowest yearly dues in the metropolitan area
  10. 40 free listings yearly
  11. Affordable agent fees and free legal assistance
  12. In-house training: fully accredited real estate school on premise
  13. Leadership team includes a 15-member board of directors and a full-time office team


brooklyn multiple listing serviceBoroughs Represented by Brooklyn Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

The database of Brooklyn MLS has over 90 neighborhoods available in their database. With New York being a gargantuan area, Brooklyn specifically has all kinds of areas to choose from that will match your price point.

Here are some of the most popular and most well-known neighborhoods listed on the Brooklyn Multiple Listing Service (MLS):

    • Bay Ridge – Bay Ridge is the perfect mix of the old and the new world. It has grown into a diverse community with shopping on the main 86th Street to the Verranzo Bridge. The best part is that it is only a 45 minute-1-hour commute to Manhattan. Though it is not necessarily the cheapest neighborhood, it is not as expensive as Park Slope. This is perfect for married couples in their 30s and 40s who are looking for a family-friendly environment.


    • Bushwick – This is an up and coming hip neighborhood and diverse with a 70% Hispanic population. It seems that there is always a new local bar or coffee shop opening up. With many taco places, Venezuelan and Colombian eateries, you will never be short on variety.


    • Kensington – This is another family-friendly community that errs on the quieter side. It includes a diverse population of Jewish, Bangladeshi and Ukrainian communities. It is just walking distance to a beautiful park, a lake, and horseback riding stables.


    • Carroll Gardens – This neighborhood also mixes the old and the new work with cobblestone condos with the range from luxury to more affordable. Carroll Gardens historically has a rich Italian-American heritage were you would see plenty of pastry counters, pasta shops, and boccie courts.


    • Clinton Hill – This is one of the larger neighborhoods in Brooklyn. As of late, Clinton Hill has been hit with much gentrification. However, it has a rich history. It thrives as an artist’s haven attracting visitors for more than one century.


    • Park Slope – This is known to be a more yuppie, young-professional type of community. Though it may not be the cheapest community, it is considered one of the best to raise children and the ideal safe environment. It features Brooklyn’s trademark brownstones in clean condition.


    • Brooklyn Heights – This neighborhood has an older Brooklyn feel for a whiff of nostalgia. Brooklyn Heights is located nearest to Manhattan and is home to the famous Brooklyn Bridge Park.


    • Bath Beach – This neighborhood is located in Southern Brooklyn. At first, it was home to many Italian immigrants post-World War II but now has a growing Chinese-American population.


    • Greenpoint and Williamsburg – The two neighborhoods are separated by North 7th Street. They are the place to be for young professionals, artists and writers who are looking for more reasonable prices and spacious apartments.


Brooklyn Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has a plethora of neighborhoods in the great borough of Brooklyn. Brooklyn has always been known as the alternative to Manhattan and a young area in New York City. For more information, check out the listings or give them a call at 718-253-8815.

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