Local Spotlight: John Cagliani III, Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense AttorneyWhile no one ever wishes to be in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney, we understand it happens. What is most important is that when one finds themselves in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney, they handle the situation correctly. Hiring the wrong attorney or attempting to navigate the legal system alone can be brutal to oneself. While you may believe you have an understanding of the law, there are little ins and outs that only professionals can know. Additionally, having experience in court practicing law is essential in potential trials. Rather than hiring any attorney, however, it is also essential to hire the best in the business. The Law Office of John L. Cagliani III is prepared to best assist you in having a smooth, seamless defense process.

John L. Cagliani III is a former military prosecutor in theĀ U.S. Army JAG Corps. Additionally, Cagliani III was Special Assistant U.S. Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice. With those positions comes an abundance of experience that few could even attempt to match. As a former prosecutor himself, Cagliani III understands what prosecutors are looking for. He himself prosecuted hundreds of crimes in all capacities, seeing both sides of trials and legal processes. This knowledge assists him in working to find the minute details that other attorneys miss. His extensive investigative skills and experience in court are bonuses that are visible to all who work with him.

John L. Cagliani III Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense Attorney:

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney is essential in avoiding setting yourself up for failure. Criminal Defense Lawyers carry a wealth of knowledge regarding the legal system that those who have not studied the law cannot possess. In trial little details and knowledge about different court proceedings can make all the difference, so having a professional next to you is important.

It is essential to hire the correct attorney as well, as the incorrect attorneys can steer you in the wrong direction. Your Criminal Defense Lawyer holds your future in their hands, as it is their job to guide you through this difficult time in your life. The job comes with an understanding that no two proceedings will be the same, but knowledge gained from one proceeding can assist in another proceeding. With that, John L. Cagliani’s experience working in all kinds of proceedings as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney puts him far ahead of the competition. Cagliani III has seen all there is to see in the court room, and knows what people are looking for in the trials.

Having someone with as much experience in as many capacities as John L. Cagliani can be the difference between spending time in jail or not. Trusting your future with someone who does not know the ins and outs is setting yourself up for a stressful, potentially harmful process for yourself. Massachusetts is a place with commonly changing laws, so his experience in the state is essential as well.

Massachusetts Criminal Defense:

While it remains essential to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney anywhere you live, Massachusetts is a unique state. Massachusetts carries a large quantity of changing laws and unique procedures that can throw off attorneys and their clients. Luckily John L. Cagliani III has a deep understanding of the Criminal Justice System in Massachusetts, having practiced in Massachusetts for years. That understanding of both the system and the law plays a major part in his success as an Attorney, as he is able to identify areas others cannot.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, Cagliani II prides himself on understanding all there is to understand about criminal defense in Massachusetts. With that, Cagliani III knows that there are both trial and appellate courts. Trial courts’ decisions are reviewed by appellate courts, so the processes change with each court. Appellate court serves as an opportunity to appeal trial courts’ decisions. Thus, understanding all of the different options is essential.

Massachusetts Courts:

In appellate court there may be additional facts that have been found that can sway a case one way or another. The process does not stop without a fight, and that is something that John Cagliani III understands and works with.

Additionally, there are different counties and different courts for each county. The commonwealth of Massachusetts consists of 14 different counties with its own Superior Court and 65 Supreme Courts within the Boston Municipal Court Department. District court oversees misdemeanor charges, while superior court handles felonies. The differences between the two are based on how many years an accused party is facing. The different courts follow different processes, and whichever court you find yourself in can be a completely different challenge. Learning about the courts and their unique processes is difficult for anyone, so having someone like John L. Cagliani III with a wealth of knowledge regarding them is essential.

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