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Dermatology is more than skin deep and can be a very sensitive subject. Over 4 billion adults suffer from some form of skin problems over the course of their life. For some people skin care difficulties begin at a young age while others may have issues at much later stages in life. Regardless of the phase at which skin care problems arise, the desired outcome is the same, an effective solution.

Over the counter solutions have hit society hard with the average retailers carrying over twenty different brands of skincare products on their shelves. With so many options on the market how can the average consumer identify credible brands using quality ingredients? It’s nearly impossible. The internet is flooded with incorrect skincare advice and product referrals. The true solution is simple. Finding an experienced dermatologist who is well-versed in their practice and trustworthy is the best approach to tackling skin care issues.

Professional Skin Care Solutions

Hecker Dermatology is that solution for the Pompano Beach community and beyond. Dr. Melanie & David Hecker have been serving their clients with passion and a genuine concern for treating any skin issues they encounter. The Hecker Dermatology Group offers multiple services for professional in-house treatments. Patients looking for credible solutions to their skin care problems can rest assured that they are in good hands with Hecker Dermatology. The vast solutions offered by Dr. Hecker and her associates also include professional skincare products which can be purchased online for those outside of the South Florida area.

Credible On-line Skin Care Resource

Heckerderm.com is an extensive database of skincare information providing visitors with detailed information in products reviews, skincare diagnosis definitions, treatment options and much more. Dr. Hecker desired to create a hub of information on the internet from a credible dermatologist at no cost to users. This led to the creation of the Skinopedia section on the dermatology group’s website. The dermatology experts at Heckerderm.com filled this online resource with facts and widely referenced statistics in hopes that consumers could become more knowledgeable about their skincare and the many options they have access to right at the tips of their fingers.

If you’re dealing with skincare issues or have a loved one looking for skincare solutions visit heckerderm.com for the wealth of knowledge found in the Skinopedia section. Contact Pompano’s most popular dermatology practice and experience the first class treatment of The Hecker Dermatology Group. Dr. Hecker and staff are always prepared to perform in-depth consultations with patients to discuss the sensitive area of skincare and offer valuable recommendations that will make a huge difference in their lives. At Hecker Dermatology Group your skin is a top priority. Customized plans are available to help make treatments easy to finance and more convenient for busy lifestyle. For more information about The Hecker Dermatology Group and to learn how they can help you achieve your skincare goals call (954) 783-2323 or visit www.heckerderm.com.

Posted on January 16, 2015 in Local Spotlight

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