Immigration Lawyer Search: Seek out Experience and Personal Traits

Choosing the right immigration lawyer for your case is crucial. In truth, many experienced, dedicated, and qualified lawyers exist to pick from. Word of mouth tips are often the most sincere. Compile a list of lawyers that your family and friends endorse. Then, set dates to meet with and speak to each candidate, and keep the following in mind.

Immigration Lawyer Rates

How much does the lawyer charge for service? This is the first question you need to answer. You will soon know whether this lawyer charges for consultation or instead offers the initial meeting for free. The consultation fee, or lack thereof, does not make or break the lawyer. During the consultation, ask the lawyer about rates. Ask whether or not the lawyer charges a flat hourly fee. Certain lawyers establish a fixed fee for their services. Know that the price of an immigration lawyer’s services is not necessarily indicative of that lawyer’s worth. An expensive lawyer is not always adequate. A cheap lawyer is not necessarily ineffective.

After gleaning information about rates from a given candidate, you need to discover whether or not this lawyer’s experience applies to your immigration case. In order to obtain this information, ask the lawyer how many similar cases to yours the lawyer has handled in the past year.  Furthermore, ask how long your case is expected to take. In the instance of an hourly fee, the time expectancy of your case is very important information as far as your wallet is concerned. If the lawyer does not seem to have dealt with many cases similar to your own, look elsewhere. You should also ask about the reputation of the consular office that will inevitably be handling your case.  This office employs the human beings ultimately in charge of your case’s verdict.

Personality Traits

Acknowledge certain personality traits of the lawyer during consultation and cross-reference these traits with your own needs as a client. For instance, you more than likely want to be dealing with a trustworthy and dependable individual. Confidential and personal information will pass through the lawyer’s hands throughout your case. You will also need to contact the lawyer frequently with inquiries about your case.

You do not want to work with an immigration lawyer who is difficult to reach.  As the deadline for your case approaches, you need a lawyer who is always available to answer your questions in an informed and professional manner. Certain immigration lawyers are juggling numerous cases and thus will not be as available as they should be. Avoid this situation.  Work with a lawyer who is willing to dedicate time and attention to your case on the spot.

You want your lawyer to be tough and assertive, but not overly abrasive so as to disaffect the consular officials. Effective lawyers toe the line between aggression and cooperation. This is all the more reason to hire an experienced and nuanced lawyer.  Your lawyer should represent your case with grace, confidence, and an enduring professionalism.

Documentation and References

Examine any documents that the lawyer hands you during the consultation. If the documents appear overly ornamented or advertisement-based, you might be dealing with more of a salesperson than a lawyer. Then again, you should seek a lawyer who has moved on from paper documentation altogether. Lots of paper documentation creates hassle and complication. If the lawyer is adaptive and efficient, he or she will have incorporated electronic documentation into his or her practices.

Ask the immigration lawyer for references before the end of the consultation. Reputable and capable lawyers should have no issue with immediately presenting evidence of happy customer testimony. Evidence of satisfied clientele means that this lawyer has proven an ability to expertly handle cases time and time again.

Of course, in order to become one of these happy customers yourself, you will need to build a communicative and strong relationship with your immigration attorney. When choosing a lawyer to work with, you need to be careful to select an individual who you are comfortable communicating with, and who is equally comfortable with you. Avoid any language barriers between yourself and your attorney. Hire someone who can continually explicate the ongoing process that is your case in a simple and lucid manner.

The immigration process can be stressful and difficult, not to mention money and time-consuming. Do not add to your difficulty by working with a less than capable immigration lawyer. Hire an experienced and dependable professional willing to go the extra mile for your case’s sake.

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