Overcome SEO Objections To Convert SEO Unbelievers

overcome seo objections

Spend even one day in the life of an SEO professional and you’ll quickly discover where we land on the internet marketing totem pole. I’d say we undeservingly land somewhere between court jester and used car salesmen. At least, that’s how we’re commonly perceived. Just this year while attending a creative conference in NYC, one of the speakers admitted to getting his start in SEO – and got boo’d. Boo’d! An audible boo from other creative writers, coders, designers and marketers simply for admitting and advocating for SEO! Yet, SEO and content creation skills are in high demand. Ironically, while passing around business cards at the conference’s networking after-party, everyone was interested in hearing more about our SEO services.

Internet marketers, creatives and business professionals alike have all experienced the catch 22 that is SEO. While recognizing its importance in an every expanding digital landscape, enough people have been burned by maniacally corrupt, lazy or just plain inept SEOers to give the entire profession a black label. But as any good SEO professional will tell you – we get it. Just as much as there’s bad SEO out there, there are just as many good ones. So how can we help potential clients see through the bad to discover the good? As a Delray Beach SEO company, we have more than a little experience putting the minds of potential clients at ease. We have a couple tried and true tactics we’ve used that can benefit you too.

Overcome SEO Objections

Don’t Add Fuel To The Negative SEO Fire

SEO professionals got a bit of a bad wrap thanks to black hat SEO “professionals.” Black hat tactics involve techniques such as keyword stuffing, scraping and buying paid links. These tactics not only ignore the human aspect of SEO, but will ultimately be penalized and risk the site being banned. It’s black hat SEO that has resulted in SEO’s bad wrap. So the entire industry a favor and only incorporate white hat tactics approved by Google and other search engines.

The Truth Is In The Numbers

Record. Record. Record. Tracking numbers not only allows you to track your SEO strategy, but provides visual proof to your client. Tracking numbers gives numerical proof to show how your SEO efforts have helped a business grow. Project growth to clients using visual indicators such as charts and graphs to give them a clear understanding.

Google Partnership

We can’t advocate for this one enough: become a Google Certified Partner. As a Google Certified Partner you’ll earn the Google Partner badge to affiliate with your company. Not only does it show your proficiency as an SEO professional, but partnership gives your company a leg up on the competition. Google will offer help when you’ve hit a roadblock with a client and opens Beta features for companies with Google Partner status. As Delray Beach Google Partners, Shark Bite SEO has been able to maintain the standards associated with their program and likewise greatly expedited traffic to our clients.

Want to know what Shark Bite SEO can do for your company? Drop us a line at 866-640-8880 for more information.

Posted on September 28, 2015 in Delray Beach, Search Engine Optimization

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