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Gateway Counseling Center Boynton Beach

Project Description

The Challenge

Gateway Counseling Center is a Boynton Beach counseling center that has been a client of ours for over two years. When Gateway first came on board they had a web presence but it had no direction. Their existing website at the time was on a one off theme from another company that had no support. We took this site and optimized it with our on-page SEO strategies. We developed a concise and measurable keyword campaign to capture their unique search terms which works as the baseline measuring point for their specific campaign. Our efforts worked and we watched as their rankings steadily improve into good positions around 7-10 on page 1 of Google…then Google Panda and Hummingbird happened.

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Gateway Counseling was hit. Hard. Search results plummeted overnight and we went had all hands on deck trying to bring them back. We were able to stabilize their main keywords, but were still far from where we wanted them to be at the top of Google search results. Not only that, but their main keywords seemed to be stuck at a standstill on pages 2 and 3 of Google. Something had to change.

The Solution

Shark Bite SEO re-evaluated Gateway Counseling Center’s website. We discovered that their pre-existing one off theme – which use to work well – was now made obsolete by Google algorithm changes. We had to adjust – and adjust we did.

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We quickly began working on a new custom website for Gateway. We designed and developed a new website based on their previous site and brand, but with some major changes. We developed a website with clean code – crucial for good SEO – while adding many design elements to make it all their own while reinforcing their brand identity for the user.

The Results

We launched Gateway Counseling Center’s new website on May 29th 2015. Immediately, we began seeing results. Main keywords began ranking on Google’s front page again and pretty soon, Gateway was ranking in top 3 positions for most of its main keywords.

Contact forms were being completed and we greatly increased their volume of generated leads. We had a feeling they were booking more clients and a recent call with Gateway Counseling Center confirmed our suspicions – their phones have been ringing off the hook. Not only that but the leads they were getting were converting at a MUCH higher rate. The leads they were now getting from dominating on page 1 were of a much higher quality than the leads they got from being on page two dealing with tire kickers all day. The game plan is working well and we have Gateway Counseling back not only on page 1, but in the #1 position for their main keywords. Gateway Counseling Center is the #1 therapist in Boynton Beach for Affair Recovery, Christian Counseling, Drug-Free ADHD Treatment and providing therapy for other mental conditions, and we’re glad we helped get them there.


And now for the numbers:

gateway infographic statistics
1 copy

We have seen more leads come through the site but better than the fact that there are more leads we are seeing better leads and they are closing at a much higher rate. The people getting in contact with us are of a much higher quality than before.

— John Hawkins —

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