Rhode Island Defense Attorney

Project Description

The Challenge

As a Rhode Island defense attorney, John MacDonald had a need for client referrals that he could obtain from website traffic. His website was cluttered with keywords pertaining to John MacDonald’s field of expertise, which is actually a negative in the eyes of Google.

The Solution

At Sharkbite SEO, we specialize in marketing for clients who specialize in certain areas of law. We targeted content for John MacDonald using the latest in criminal defense news and tailored content with relevant keywords.

The Results

Now John MacDonald comes up quickly when one searches for criminal defense attorneys in Rhode Island. Sharkbite SEO updated the social icons on MacDonald’s website, making it easier for people to like on Google Plus and Facebook. MacDonald also partnered with Sharkbite SEO to create an informative and relevant newsletter.

Project Details

Client: Law Office of John E. Macdonald

Tags: Digital Advertising Strategy, Local Search Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Website Design

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