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Project Description

The Challenge

Shortly after the July 2013 Panda update, Josh’s website received a non manual Google penalty otherwise known as a negative 999 ranking penalty for most of his important keywords. This resulted in a 95% drop in traffic overnight. We performed an audit of his website and found that there was quite a bit wrong. We found duplicate content and bad backlinks leading to his site from “link farms” that Google views as spam, from a previous SEO company he had working for him previously. After digging deeper we found that his blog had free flowing comments containing spam backlinks to other websites and that foreign web crawlers had cached his content and were re displaying it on their own sites.

The Solution

Shark Bite SEO stepped in and created a 2 pronged approach to address the Google penalty and cleaned up his website.
• Long Term Fix- Not knowing how long you stay in “Google Jail” for, our long term approach included fixing meta tags and rewriting content. We also disavowed bad backlinks from links farms and blog posts, and made sure that those foreign mirror sites were disavowed as well. We knew that this work would take months to grow roots so while this was taking place we thought it best to develop a brand new website.
• Short Term- We created a new, clean, optimized website that complied with all white hat SEO practices. It was important that the new site be up to the latest Google methodologies so we used all of the latest Google markup text.

The Results

Joshua Macktaz has a new clean, comprehensive site that is easy to navigate for the public. The new website went from its inception to #1 for Josh’s main targeted keywords in 60 days! Josh’s old site is recovering from the changes and is back to ranking on page 1 in the Google Local for the very same keywords. Josh now has two powerhouse websites driving 80-90% of his new cases!

Project Details

Client: Law office of S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.

Tags: Local Search Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management

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