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mccauley dental sedation dentistry

Project Description

The Challenge

Dr. Mark C. McCauley, DMD is a Delray Beach Sedation Dentist – and everyone’s favorite oral health practitioner. Responsible for making sure your pearly whites shine their brightest, McCauley Dental offers dental services in IV sedation dentistry, dental implants, bridges & crowns, root canals, oral surgery, bone grafting, Platelet Rich Plasma Dentistry and general dentistry procedures. While offering innovative, world-class sedation dentistry services to his clients, McCauley’s website failed to reflect it. The website was hosted on an outdated platform making it difficult to update information on the backend and impossible to boost rankings. Additionally, McCauley’s brand identity needed some updating to bring it out of the early 90’s and into today’s world.

The Solution

Dr. McCauley is infamously known by his patients for being a family man. His children are included in many of his website pictures as well as framed around the office. We like that. But we still needed to adultify his image as one of South Florida’s most specialized sedation dentistry professionals. We created a custom brand identity for Dr. McCauley that showcases his professionalism without losing his family-focused appeal. Each design element was purposefully selected for varying reasons:

Color Scheme

The color scheme is based on 3 shades of blues and one green inspired by the scrubs Dr. McCauley wear every day. Additionally, blue is a calming color – visually soothing for anyone nervous about going to see the dentist. Everything else was left clean and white to emulate a sparkling white smile.

Hexagons & Cubes

From their previous website, it’s easy to see how much Dr. McCauley valued family and just how much his children are a part of McCauley Dental as he is. It’s a beautiful aspect and one we wanted to showcase throughout the site without sacrificing on professional appeal. We incorporated geometric blocks and hexagon design elements throughout the site to tie it in. Figuratively, the blocks mimic children’s building blocks and are scattered throughout the web pages. They bring a playful touch to the website yet still remain professional in design to appeal to adults. Hexagons are used throughout the site as well to promote action.

The Logo

We designed Dr. McCauley’s logo based around his personality. If you’ve ever met Dr. McCauley then you know he’s an extremely loving and personable soul. From his flashing smile to comforting appeal, Dr. McCauley is a big teddy bear. The heart/tooth combo gets this point across straight away.

Once the design was set, we immediately moved everything over to a WordPress website. Content pages and blog posts were rearranged to flow naturally allowing for better website engagement.

The Results

The results are both aesthetically and functionally drastic in all the best ways. The audience user experience functions much smoother, resulting in longer on-page times and a fluid experience throughout the website. The design has been well-accepted by sedation dentistry patients reporting feelings of calm throughout interaction with the website.

The Stats

We like to let the numbers do all the talking for us.

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Contact Dr. Mark C. McCauley DMD

Dr. Mark C. McCauley DMD

3115 S Federal Hwy.
Delray Beach, FL 33483
(561) 272-8555

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