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My Organic Juice

My Organic Juice is a South Florida juicing company delivering fresh, cold-pressed juices right to your door. We began working with them in the Fall of 2014 and both their lives and our lives have never been the same since. On our end, their stream of delicious organic juices has cleansed our pallets and made us all a whole lot healthier. For them, well, let’s just say we’ve made their lives a whole lot busier.


When My Organic Juice first came to us, they had a lot going on but no centrality to the madness. While they had a high-quality juice product, professional imagery and down-to-earth story to get them started, they still weren’t showing high on search engines and their sales was way under their goals. Another obstacle in My Organic Juice’s way is the sheer size of their industry. My Organic Juice was willing to jump into the ring with the big boys, as the juicing industry is packed with a lot of tough competition. But where there’s high risk, there’s high reward.


Shark Bite SEO helped My Organic Juice lasso their Internet assets and got right to work on developing a connective web presence. It was like putting together pieces of a puzzle – theses images here, that line of copy there. Using locally-targeted, top-secret SEO strategies, we got them quickly ranking for more and more keywords. As we continued to manage the content on their website, My Organic Juice began to see some pretty big changes.


Results have been outstanding for My Organic Juice. A year later and they’ve come out on top in most Google searches for their keywords and sale have more than tripled. Demand has increased and My Organic Juice has found loyalty in a large number of customers who consistently order their fresh juices every week. Currently, a new website is in the works to keep up with this thriving company. We can’t wait to show you that one later!

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