Project Description

The Challenge

Nourishe Organic Destination needed to stand out in a saturated industry by maximizing their extensive knowledge about organic beauty and nutrition with a strong online presence. The owner of Nourishe, Kristin Heather, has published countless articles on the benefits of organic living, and yet none of those was available on her website.

The Solution

Nourishe worked closely with Shark Bite SEO to create a website that better fit their vision, using original content and pictures. Our goal was to streamline Nourishe’s online profile, taking youtube videos and articles and applying them to their new website.

The Results

We created a blog section on their new website with the latest in organic living news and articles written by Kristin Heather, making their site match the expertise that Nourishe has. Utilizing event networking websites we gained exposure for upcoming events hosted by Nourishe. We installed Google Analytics on their new site, making it possible to track visitation and performance.

Project Details

Client: Nourishe Organic

Tags: Local Search Optimization, Social Media Management, Website Design

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