Tower MSA Partners

Project Description

The Challenge

Tower MSA provides business-to-business services in the Workers Compensation Medicare Set Aside industry. Tower MSA is a small firm competing amongst huge corporations so they needed to establish credibility online for their business to help foster sales. Simply improving their search rankings was not going to be enough as there are very few searches within their industry.

The Solution

Shark Bite SEO would create a professional image across all online channels for Tower MSA.
Phase I: Shark Bite SEO would focus on industry blogs and publications, the Tower MSA website, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Shark Bite would also create an industry blog and newsletter to present Tower MSA’s thought and leadership.
Phase II: Shark Bite SEO would work on improving the authorship rank of key Tower MSA personnel (The CEO and COO)

The Results

Shark Bite SEO created an online presence that highlighted Tower MSA as an industry leader and their CEO as an industry expert. Their website was optimized for mobile search and the latest Google methodologies were put in place. The CEO of Tower MSA’s Blog was featured on the website, and the content within it positions Tower at the forefront of their industry. Tower MSA was presented in the most professional way possible and this tailor made focus made it possible for Tower MSA to close significant business deals. Tower MSA Partners was able to attribute 2 major client acquisitions within 6 months directly to their efforts. These two acquisitions represented a 20% increase in revenue.

Project Details

Client: Tower MSA Partners

Tags: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management

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