New York Defense Lawyer

Project Description

The Challenge

Despite being one of the most influential defense lawyers in New York, Troy Smith’s online presence was out of focus. Where were all the articles featuring his high profile cases? Where were the interviews in which Troy Smith gave his expert opinion? His website needed a major over-haul, so he called in the experts at Sharkbite SEO.

The Solution

Sharkbite SEO took all the media showcasing Troy Smith’s opinion and expertise, and optimized and streamlined the appearance of his website. Using keywords that would highlight the areas of practice, we at Sharkbite SEO created applicable content and posted it to social networks.

The Results

Troy Smith is now at the forefront of criminal defense, with his ongoing high profile cases being promoted with the latest in SEO tools. His reputation as “Acquittal King” has become even more legendary since his partnership with Shark Bite SEO. With recent major cases receiving international recognition in robbery and larceny Shark Bite SEO and Troy Smith have teamed up to spread this international notoriety via all digital mediums.

Project Details

Tags: Digital Advertising Strategy, Local Search Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management

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