Reputation Management: Jeb vs Trump and Redirection

Reputation Management

Reputation Management: A Tale of Two Candidates

We all know how powerful the internet and social media is in the current day, and one of the most powerful things anyone can do for their business is having a website. Of course your site should reflect your brand, and you also want it to rank well in the results of search engines. But what can you do when someone uses your name to advertise for them? Recently in the turmoil of the 2016 presidential campaign someone in Donald Trumps team made a discovery that would give them yet another viral push., as you may have heard, was available for sale, and they pulled the trigger. But what would they do with that? What would you have done in the same situation? In this event, they redirected it to their site for their campaign. This is a prefect example of a lack of reputation management.

Reputation Management

Now you might be wondering why we as an SEO Company are covering this in our blog? The fact is that if we were running the web presence for Jeb, we would be traumatized. Certainly all publicity is good publicity but why in the world have they not fixed it yet? All of this comes down to Reputation Management. When you own a company or a website, and you are worried about your competitors moving in on your niche, you have to have a good defense. The most powerful thing you can do is hire a firm for reputation management. When you have the right team working with you, they will be watching your back and making sure that any information you have gotten out is suppressed. We can also assist you with swinging the crowd in your favor through social media as well as other techniques.

Jeb vs. Trump

Getting back to Jeb and Donald this is an example of something that the industry calls “Cybersquatting” or domain squatting. Cybersquatting is when another company, a competitor, etc. uses your name in a web presence. Because of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, you can have the website removed if someone is using your domain in bad faith with the intent to profit from the goodwill of the trademark belonging to someone else. Of course though whether or not Jeb has a trademark on his name still has not come up in the news and until it does it looks like Trump will be using the domain to continue to fund his campaign.

Do you need reputation management?

Do you have a social media situation that you need to be kept under control? Has someone named your business as a scam? If you need someone in your corner to watch your back from a reputation management standpoint, Shark Bite SEO is ready to assist you. If you would like to contact us for a free consultation at 866-640-8880.

Posted on February 18, 2016 in Digital Advertising Strategy

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