Local Spotlight: Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Susan T. Perkins

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Susan T. Perkins, DUI, Family/Divorce & LGBT Law

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney

On August 1, 2013, Rhode Island helped revolutionize America by legally recognizing same-sex marriages, even though it has recognized domestic partnerships in the state to some extent as early as 2002. Rhode Island is a state with some very forward-thinking and liberal ideals. It was one of the first states to abolish capital punishment and one of the last to make prostitution illegal.

With such a complicated legal system to navigate, it’s essential to find a Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney well-versed in Rhode Island State Laws. In Rhode Island, there’s no lawyer more versed in the nuances of the state’s laws than Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Susan T. Perkins. Attorney Perkins is a legal mastermind in all things criminal defense, DUI, Family Law and LGBT Law. Additionally, Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Perkins is licensed to practice in neighboring Massachusetts and Connecticut as well. She feels that being available to her clients is paramount. She aims to keep everyone informed every step of the way.

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to Rhode Island Criminal Defense, Attorney Perkins believes no time should be wasted. In fact, the most critical window for developing a strong defense against criminal charges is within the first few days after an arrest. Attorney Perkins will begin researching and investigating your case as soon as you get off the phone. She will help you develop a strategy around your side of the story and will present the whole picture – not just that told by the cops of the alleged victim. At her firm every client is treated with an incredible amount of respect and knows that she is there for them.

Rhode Island DUI Attorney

Rhode Island DUI Laws are some of the most lenient and poorly enforced in the country. Having practiced DUI Law in Rhode Island for over 18 years, Rhode Island DUI Lawyer Susan T. Perkins has successfully represented clients in cases ranging from DUI felonies to Boating Under the Influence to DWIs. Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Perkins wants to hear everything that happened leading up to, during and after the arrest. No detail is too small in your case, and she finds that often they can be what causes the state to drop the charges. Once she knows the full story of what happened, she can then form a strategy to best represent you as your lawyer.

Rhode Island Family Law Attorney & Rhode Island Divorce Attorney

It’s a well-known fact that our closest relationships are the relationships with the potential to hurt us most. And when a relationship just can’t seem to work out, it’s often best to just part ways. Rhode Island Divorce Attorney Susan T. Perkins can help you untie the knot in a way that’s beneficial to all parties involved. Divorce has a stigma of being a long and arduous process but with the experience and the know-how of a Rhode Island Divorce Attorney it does not have to be. One strategy involved is mediation, where you and your spouse can have a safe place to discuss your problems and your needs. Attorney Perkins can provide you with the intermediary third party you need to come to an agreement with your partner.

Rhode Island LGBT Lawyer

Rhode Island LGBT Lawyer Susan T. Perkins is proud to serve the Rhode Island gay and lesbian community by representing them in a court of law. Many other attorneys may falter because they do not have the multiple years of experience that come with dedication to the LGBT community. As an LGBT lawyer, Attorney Perkins has handled same-sex cases in matters of divorce or dissolution, child custody and complex asset division.

We know that no matter the situation if you need a lawyer it can be stressful. But if you want someone who is going to stand behind you and work very hard to get the results that you deserve having Susan T. Perkins in your corner is your best bet. If you are in need of any of her Rhode Island Legal Services, visit www.susantperkins.com or call 401-PERKINS today for a free consultation.

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