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Rhode Island Elder Law

Rhode Island Elder Law

Elder Law Attorney Jeremy Howe has been a leading force in the Rhode Island elder law community for over 41 years. Attorney Howe was admitted in the state of RI in 1974. Over the years, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the fields of elder law and family law. As a member of several established legal Associations and a frequent lecturer of the Rhode Island Bar Association, Attorney Howe serves as an advisor not only to his elder law clients but other elder law attorneys also. He established the Law Office of Jeremy Howe to serve the Rhode Island community in all elder law, family law, divorce and mediation matters. They handle

Experienced RI Elder Law Attorneys

Elder law consists of any area of law associated with the elderly or complex decisions surrounding the well-being of an elderly person. Elder law is a growing field in the legal justice system. As the number of baby boomers and retirees continues to increase the need for experienced elder law attorneys becomes more apparent. The elder law attorneys of the Law Office of Jeremy Howe are well-versed in elder law and estate planning. The provide a wide range of services for elders and their families including Charitable Giving, Living Will, Rhode Island Estate tax, Revocable Trusts and more. Clients can have wills and trusts drafted, seek advice on tax issues, nursing home care and future medical directives. They understand the sensitivity of elder law matters and the effects it can have on elders and their families. Discretion, experienced legal counsel and achieving the clients goals are top priorities for the Law Office of Jeremy Howe.

Compassionate Family Law & Divorce Lawyers

Family law and divorce are huge sectors of the services provided by the firm. The skilled family law attorneys have built a strong reputation by successfully defending the rights of family law clients and their dependents. Compassion and discretion are required in family law more so than any other area of law. Attorney Howe and his associates understand the importance of preserving the rights and benefits of children caught in the middle of divorce disputes. They tirelessly fight on the behalf of each client, helping them navigate the entire process. The Law Office of Jeremy How handles divorce and family law matters including adoption, child support, domestic violence, mediation, restraining orders, military family law and more.

Divorce Mediation in RI

The purpose of mediation in family law and elder law matters is often misinterpreted. Mediation is the process of a neutral third party assisting a family in recognizing, negotiating and settling an issue. Mediation is different from arbitration in the fact that the third party remains completely neutral and does not act as a decision maker. In mediation, individuals are guided through problem-solving principles to encourage a resolution, which is beneficial for the entire party. Attorney Howe and his legal associates partner with CPA’s to mediate family law and elder law issues. The mediation process is conducted or co-mediated by Attorney Jeremy Howe and Psychotherapist Nancy Gallagher. For decades, they have provided clients with a well-balanced approach to mediation in several areas of law including family law and elder law.

The Law Office of Jeremy Howe is staffed with highly knowledgeable attorneys and mediators with in-depth experience in their specific fields. Attorney Howe prides himself on building a strong team of well-versed attorneys to provide excellent legal service to each client. The culture of the firm upholds the importance of good customer service. This shows true in the care and attention clients receive from their first encounter with the firm.

Providing the best Elder Law representation in Elder Law and Family Law for the Rhode Island community has always been at the forefront of Attorney Howe’s priorities. The wealth of knowledge and keen attention to detail found in his firm are second to none. If you are facing family law issues or seeking experienced legal counsel in the area of Elder Law contact The Law Office of Jeremy Howe at (401) 841-5700. Attorney Howe and his associates will conduct an in-depth consultation with you to review your case and discuss your legal options.

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