The Rise of Mobile-Users

The big debate of mobile vs. desktop is an engaging discussion of the future trends of internet usage. The million dollar question is, “Will mobile internet usage surpass the usage of the internet on desktop devices. And the answer is… Yes. The sheer statistics of 2013 mobile users are a clear indication of the direction of internet usage in the near future. Over half of Americans own and primarily use a smartphone. So how do these smart phones translate to the use of the internet and how impactful can mobile usage really be?

As of January 2014:

90% of American adults have a cell phone
58% of American adults have a smartphone
32% of American adults own an e-reader
42% of American adults own a tablet computer

In 2013 over 89.3 million dollars of consumer dollars were spent in mobile shopping. This statistic alone reads strong enough to grab the attention of business owners across the nation. Every company should be redirecting sufficient focus and funds into creating a mobile-friendly experience for users. Companies who have not jumped on the mobile bandwagon or at least explored it are losing out big time.

As we move into a more mobile focused environment businesses must have mobile friendly sites that enhance the end users experience. Marketing experts believe that the overall desktop experience of a website should seamlessly transition onto mobile platforms. There are many factors which contribute to this ease of use across all platforms. These factors often require the expertise of a mobile developer experienced in creating engaging platforms for users to enjoy.

Still, many businesses and brands struggle to truly leverage the digital landscape to meet the expectations of their customers. Many more will struggle with the migration of audiences (customers) to mobile friendly platforms.


So what exactly does this all mean for your business? Well for starters, it means your website must be mobile responsive. Google will be updating its algorithm April 21st. The update is almost entirely mobile-focused and features all new mobile crawlers. Websites not mobile compliant will be unviewable on mobile screens.

According to Search Engine Watch, 60% of users use mobile to make purchase decisions. While this may be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean people are buying on the go. 68% of mobile use happens in the home, meaning at-home touch points are still crucial when marketing. Studies suggest that in-home mobile use it less purpose directed and more “Me” directed. During this time, people are relaxing, browsing social media and pursuing information that interests them. These personal moments are a great opportunity for companies to connect with potential buyers one-on-one.

The beauty of mobile marketing, is that a mobile phone is personal. Our mobile devices are as much a part of us these days as the clothes we wear and the means by which we express ourselves. If you can connect with your audience via mobile, then your company stands a much better chance at connecting with them personally. And that, my friends, is good business.

Posted on April 8, 2015 in Digital Advertising Strategy

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