Spotlight: Calcagni, Your Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney

rhode island criminal defenseWhether you have a trial for a misdemeanor or a felony, in either civilian or military court, Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Calcagni III can help. A former military prosecutor in the U.S. Army, he is well-versed in both civilian and military litigation. He has prosecuted hundreds of crimes. As a federal prosecutor, he can use his extensive trial and civil litigation experiences to benefit you.

While other attorneys simply work with you in the courtroom, Calcagni works with you to make sure you fully understand the charges and implications of pleas. His litigation is focused on getting you what you deserve at any capacity, and his expansive knowledge of multiple legal systems is nothing short of beneficial to you.


Rhode Island Criminal Defense

Attorney Calcagni’s ultimate goal is protecting your rights, one of which is the right to a fair trial. He works hard to research the evidence, interviewing witnesses and asking challenging questions that may pop up from the prosecution. Attorney Calcagni notes the legal precedent and knows not every Rhode Island criminal defense strategy is the same. He tailors to your situation. Calcagni also makes sure you fully understand the processes of Rhode Island courts.

Rhode Island has both trial and appellate courts. The trial courts determine whether a defendant is guilty or innocent, which the defendant can then appeal. Rhode Island’s only appeals court is the Supreme Court. The trial courts in Rhode Island are District and Superior Courts. There are four total county courts, and defendants are typically tried in the county where the alleged crime was committed.

The Rhode Island District Court handles prosecution of misdemeanors and does not offer the option of jury trials. However, if you decide you would like a jury trial before the trial begins, you may request to transfer your trial to the Superior Court. In cases where defendants accept the judge-only trial in District Court, they may appeal de novo to Superior Court. This means the trial starts anew.


Federal Criminal Defense

Even if you live in Rhode Island, trying to get an attorney experienced in state law is not enough for federal issues. Calcagni is familiar and competent in defending those on trial for federal crimes.

The biggest difference between federal and state courts is resources. Federal courts usually have attorneys with better academics and experience. This is due in part because federal prosecutors are interstate and require more complex criminal defense.

Because of the intensity of these cases, you should always have an attorney present when approached by a federal investigator. If not, you could risk self-incrimination. The attorney is not there to lie for you, rather understand why the government is investigating you and help you provide answers in a way that protects you.

Calcagni doesn’t leave you in the dark with any of these processes, either. He helps you decide when the best moments to speak are in an interrogation and when to “plead the fifth.” He also works with prosecutors to offer plea deals that work in your favor. For example, he may recommend in an interrogation that investigators exchange immunity for your cooperation.

Because federal cases require so much in-depth analysis and critical thinking, prices can be sky high. As such, you should not be paying for a local lawyer with adequate experience. You can get someone proficient and well-versed in federal criminal defense — Attorney Calcagni.


Military Criminal Defense

Attorney Calcagni, a former prosecutor with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps, is well-versed in the prosecution of military criminal cases. From ROTC disenrollment to administrative separation actions, Calcagni has experience with the unique processes associated with military trials.

When considering options for your attorney, you’ll want to find someone who understands and has participated in the multiple facets of military justice. Calcagni has dealt with the procedures, policies, and customs in the military system. Accordingly, he can provide the best legal representation of any civilian attorney.

The differentiation between the civilian justice and military justice systems are important to note, as they have little in common. Military justice uses the Uniform Code, which has an entirely separate set of procedures and conduct for trial. If the attorney you have chosen does not have experience as a former JAG attorney, they will not be able to achieve a feasible judgment for you. The reason is there is so much information to navigate through in the military justice system. When your attorney has to take the time to simply understand the processes, it will take away from the time that your attorney could be spending building you a competent criminal defense.

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Calcagni has a long resume of successful trials, state, federal and military. With years of experience and hundreds of cases, his thorough knowledge of the justice systems will lead to the most comprehensive, efficient defense for you.

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