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Holiday Season

Give Your Business a Touch of Humanity for the Holidays

The close of the year is upon us and the holidays are finally here! Many business owners take this time to show their appreciation to customers that have supported them through out the year. The holidays are the perfect time to give your business a human touch. The final quarter of the year is prime…

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Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyers

Local Spotlight: Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyers

Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyers According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, personal injuries are the leading cause of death among persons between 1-44 years of age. Victims of personal injury accidents are left in extremely vulnerable physical, emotional and financial states. The personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Michael Campopiano…

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Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The whole world is raving about search engine optimization and its affects on the global and local marketplace. However, many business owners still feel a little left in the dark when it comes to SEO. So what exactly is search engine optimization and why would my business need it? We’re so glad you asked. First…

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Boston Car Accident Lawyer

Local Spotlight: Boston Car Accident Lawyer Jeff Murad

Boston Car Accident Lawyer Each year in Boston thousands of people become victims to car accidents. These unfortunate incidents can have an extremely negative impact on the injured and their loved ones. The Boston Car Accident Lawyer’s of Murad Law understand the physical and financial hardships connected with auto accidents and have successfully represented hundreds of…

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Hudson Delray

Local Spotlight: Waterfront Dining at Hudson Delray

Waterfront Dining in Downtown Delray Beach Allow us to introduce the newest waterfront dining experience in Delray Beach, Florida. Hudson Delray offers a unique dining experience in the downtown Delray Beach area directly on the Intracoastal Waterway. Diners can enjoy casual conversation and hang time over urban comfort food served up with craft beers and…

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Millennium Tower Boston

Shark Bite SEO Powers Millennium Tower Boston

Now and then our world of tech-savvy digital development crosses paths with history. Millennium Tower Boston is set to make history by redefining the new Boston skylines. The Millennium Tower Project will be the tallest residential tower in Boston soaring 55 stories high and over 600 feet. Imagine our excitement when approached by Bushari Group…

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Penguin 3

The Penguin 3.0 Release From Google Is Upon Us

Google has released the update of their Penguin algorithm with their version “Penguin 3.0” on Friday October 17th. This algorithm is the one Google uses to look at backlinks pointing to a website to determine the value of a site. This update targets websites that have been using “black hat” backlinking tactics to game their…

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White Plains Immigration Lawyer

Google Local is a Game Changer

  Creating a presence on Google local for your business should be at the top of your priority list and here’s why… With over 3.3 billion search queries being performed on Google each day, the Google Local platform is prime real estate for businesses and brands looking to  maximize their exposure. Google Local allows native…

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Visual Content

5 Must Knows About Visual Content

“A picture’s worth a thousand words.”   1- What’s All the Fuss About Visual Content? Over the course of the last decade the method of communicating information over the internet has evolved with each new cycle creating a condensed version of the latter. Our mediums progressed from blogs to Facebook updates to tweets to IG…

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Attorney Advertising

Making the Case for Adwords

Do your attorney advertising strategies place your practice ahead of the curve? With over 50,000 law firms operating in the U.S, the legal vertical is an extremely competitive market. There are more than 39 specialized legal areas filled with attorneys vying to expand the reach of their advertising strategies. The competition is fierce. Why Choose…

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