Local Spotlight – Troy Smith: White Plains Criminal Defense Lawyer

white plains criminal defense lawyerOne of the single greatest attributes an attorney can have is a broad and deep background of experience to draw on. It is thanks to exactly that credential that Troy Smith has become a leading White Plains criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Smith has over 20 years of litigation experience under his belt. He has served as both a New York City homicide prosecutor and as criminal defense counsel in the United States Army. Attorney Smith has seen how law and order work from both sides of the process and knows how to use it to your advantage.

When you have been accused of a crime, you will only want to work with a White Plains criminal defense lawyer who has a wealth of relevant experience and a lot of not-guilty verdicts to his credit. Attorney Troy Smith offers every one of his clients the complete depth of his background along with his full commitment to their defense. No outcome is ever guaranteed in criminal courts. But with someone as knowledgeable and tenacious as Attorney Smith in your corner, you can feel confident about your chances.

Areas of Practice

You can tell a lot about a lawyer by the variety of legal services they offer. Some will try to capture any and every potential client by claiming they can handle just about any case under the sun. Other lawyers know where their true strengths and abilities lie and only reach out to the clients they can be of true service to. Attorney Troy Smith falls into the latter category. When you require a White Plains criminal defense lawyer who really knows that he is doing, count on Attorney Smith to rise to the occasion.

  • Criminal Defense – There is no other way to say it – a criminal conviction can ruin your life. You will face immediate consequences like huge fines, lengthy jail or prison sentences, and mandatory court orders that place serious restrictions on your time and freedoms. And over the long term, you will struggle with a reputation as a convicted criminal, making it much harder to find work, rent a place to live and develop close relationships. Attorney Troy Smith is a White Plains criminal defense lawyer who is eager and able to take up your case. His experience and abilities apply to common cases like DUI and assault. He is able to take on more esoteric cases like student misconduct and false confessions. And he stands apart from other White Plains criminal defense lawyers by tackling major cases like homicide, sex crimes, and drug crimes. With over 20 years experience in criminal proceedings, Attorney Smith knows that defendants are often falsely accused and that sentences can be based more on emotion than objectivity. As a result, he is committed to standing up for justice and fighting for what is fair.
  • Federal Criminal Defense – If you have been charged with federal criminal charges, the need for an exceptional attorney only increases. If you are found guilty, you can expect to spend a long time behind bars and for your life and the life of your family to be impacted in serious and severe ways. When so much is on the line, you will not want to rely on just any White Plains criminal defense lawyer. You will want to rely on someone like Attorney Troy Smith who has been in these high-profile, high-pressure situations before and has a demonstrated record of success.
  • Military Law – The military has both its own unique set of laws and its own unique system of administering justice. The consequences are just as damning if you are found guilty, but the process can be totally unfamiliar. When you need help with military law, you will want to reach out to a defense lawyer who has both experience and a deep knowledge of what this process involves. Attorney Troy Smith worked previously as an Army defense lawyer, giving him a perspective that is very rare among White Plains criminal defense lawyers. As a result, he understands how to navigate military courts, create a compelling defense, and meet more of the needs unique to military defendants. A lot is riding on the outcome of your case. You will not want to trust your future to an attorney who does not understand exactly what is going on.

The sooner you have a White Plains defense lawyer advocating on your behalf, the better off you are. Rather than searching high and low for an attorney you can trust, reach out to Attorney Troy Smith first. His experience speaks for itself, and his complete commitment to clients is second to none. When you find yourself in a bad situation and need somewhere to turn for answers and advice, count on Troy Smith to answer the call.


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