10 Reasons Your Website Needs A Blog

website needs a blog

Today, having a website is standard if you want to compete in the current market. Getting potential customers’ eyeballs on your website and buying your services is key. But if give the people no reason to visit your site, you will not likely succeed in attracting sales online. That’s why your website needs a blog. Combined with other marketing efforts, a blog can attract and convert clients at any stage in the funnel. Catch them while they’re researching or ready to buy. By creating an informational and valuable blog, potential customers can become lifelong buyers.

1. Blog Posts Generate Organic Traffic

If you have a website you want as much traffic as possible coming through, right? There are two main ways to generate traffic—paid ads or organic search.

Organic search is better for a number of reasons. For one, it’s free (minus the cost of producing content), it’s also more consistent, and typically more targeted than paid search.

By writing blog content, you’ll be answering search queries, providing value, and capturing more keywords relating to your brand and niche, which casts a wider net across the search results.

2. You Will Attract Links and Social Shares

Links from other websites (known as backlinks) to yours improves your site’s authority and keyword rankings, while social shares help to promote your business and services for free, which is always welcome.

The only way you will increase your chance of both of these is by producing new content on a regular basis.

3. It Gives Businesses a Chance to Relate to Their Customers

A static “About Us” and “Homepage” is a formal way to explain what your business is about, list your achievements, mission statement, and other corporate information. However, a large percentage of any audience wants to see is some “Behind the scenes” access.

A blog is a perfect way to put individual employees under the spotlight, highlight customer testimonials, and really show the “human” side to your business.

4. It Increases Your Authority in Your Industry

The more you blog about your industry, the more people are going to notice you and your business appearing in the search results, and they’ll take notice and hold you as an authority on the topic.

5. You Can Involve Your Employees

Employees always write the best blog content. Sure, it may not read as well or score as high on a grammar checker as content written by a professional writer, but it’s going to be much more relatable to your audience.

It’s a great way to get employees involved in your online activities and other areas of your business. They’ll learn some new skills, and who knows, you might even find a new aspiring writer.

6. Your Conversion Rates Will Increase

Businesses with active blogs experience a much higher conversion rate than those without blogs. That’s a fact.

The main reasons being that customers can see the business is active, they can find the information they were looking for to help with their decision, and blogs build trust. It helps if you write content that converts well too.

7. You Will Rank for Long-Tail Keywords

If you’re actively involved with your site’s SEO, you’ll know how hard it is to rank for competitive keywords. Ranking for long-tail keywords means you’re ranking for similar, longer form keywords you didn’t even target directly.

It’s one of the bonuses to producing lots of niche-relevant content on a regular basis.

8. It’s a Key Element in Social Media Activities

Every business needs a social media presence in this day and age. Whether you’re a local service business or a huge global brand, social media is the fastest and easiest way for customers to connect with and follow you.

Blogging gives you content to syndicate and share across your social media accounts. It brings people to your site and gets people talking about the articles.

9. You Can Find out What Your Audience Are Really Into

After you’ve been blogging for a while, you should take a look into your analytics to find out which are your most popular blog posts and what they were about.

This will give you some valuable insight into what your audience is searching for and enjoying. You can then tailor future content to meet their needs.

10. You Can Gain a Competitive Edge over Your Competitors

While this point may encompass some of the other points into one, it’s one of the most important reasons to blog regularly. By increasing your authority, presence, and visibility in the search results through blogging you’re taking a large piece of the pie in your niche, which is ultimately going to show on your bottom line.

Are you ready to reach the top of the search results? Do you want to generate more traffic to your website and improve revenue or reputation? Blogging and Search Engine Optimization are two ways to make a big impact. Contact Shark Bite SEO today to learn more about our blogging and SEO offerings to help your customers find you.

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