5 Must Knows About Visual Content

Visual Content

“A picture’s worth a thousand words.”


1- What’s All the Fuss About Visual Content?

Over the course of the last decade the method of communicating information over the internet has evolved with each new cycle creating a condensed version of the latter. Our mediums progressed from blogs to Facebook updates to tweets to IG (Instagram) postings. Our thoughts transmuted from 1000 word articles into 140 character tweets. So where does that leave room for engaging, high-quality content?

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.


As the role of technology changes so does the method in which we relate and receive information. Our cell phones have fused with our desktops and tablets to create a hybrid of drive thru data delivery. The average American consumes 247 advertising messages per day. This conundrum left some businesses stifled in how to genuinely connect with their tribe without getting lost in the chatter. The simplified answer is visual content. Visual content are pictures and visually engaging postings that grab the attention of the reader and lure them in to a written article or link back to a products landing page. It’s the strategy of guiding your customer through the overgrown social media jungle into the space you’ve created just for them.

2- Why Is Visual Content So Important?

Forty-four percent of respondents are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media. Pictures have become one of our default modes of sorting and understanding the vast amounts of information we’re exposed to every day.

It’s a clear case of love at first sight. Pictures now serve as previews for consumers. Readers will often use the picture or featured image as a determining factor of continuing their engagement or not. Visual content is the line that reels in your audience. Top brands on Facebook reported that photos receive twice as many likes as sole text updates. Many companies have begun expanding their creative team assets by hiring full time employees solely dedicated to creating visual content. Other businesses are choosing to outsource social media management companies to meet the growing demand for engaging visual content. Having attention grabbing visual content is the best way to avoid getting overlooked and under shopped in the wide world of social media.

3- How Does Visual Content Improve Search Rankings?

Google has made a lot of changes in the past few years and this is by far one of my favorites. Under the old guidelines Google only included websites inside of their organic search rankings. As social media expanded its influence so did Google’s inclusion. The organic search rankings now include social media postings and statuses in search rankings. This means that brands who foster sharing and increased engagement can improve their search positions with social platforms and their websites.

4- How Does Visual Content Increase Sales?

The use of visual content puts businesses back in the driver’s seat. With a clear concise social media strategy and engaging content you’re in control of your traffic and conversions. Capturing the eye of your audience is just the first step to the process. Outwitting your competitors with visual stimulation places your business in the top forty four percent of shared social content.

Now that you have their attention the next step is to provide value and close the deal. Many companies use visual content to push sales by cleverly positioning actual product images with link backs to their digital shopping platforms in their scheduled postings. However, product driven businesses aren’t the only categories that can benefit from visual content. Service industries can also join in on the fun by utilizing visual content to express their human connection. Give your customers a behind the scenes peek into the heart of your brand. This approach is known for building a strong sense of brand loyalty.


5- Why Is Visual Content So Important Again?

Content is still king but this king has grown to become an ambitious ruler poised to dominate every aspect of this social kingdom. Creating visual content that evokes emotion and engagement is all about the fine line between art and leads. Engaging visual content is a priceless asset that’s sure to increase the buy in and buying of consumers. Companies simply cannot ignore the emerging evolution of social media patterns and the necessity to implement this approach in their digital marketing strategies. A picture is worth a thousand words and more recently a thousand conversions.

If you are looking to grow your current consumer base with engaging visual content that leads to qualified conversions, contact our social media experts for a customized and measurable social media strategy for your business.

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Posted on September 22, 2014 in Social Media Management

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