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Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project from Google

Abuzz lately in the search engine marketing industry news has been Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). On February 24, 2016, Google officially implemented Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP) for content articles. AMP can be described as a slimmed-down HTML format, created by Google and Twitter to be the open equivalent of Facebook’s up and coming instant articles. This allows mobile…

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Digital Advertising Strategies

Digital Advertising Strategies: Saving Your AdWords Spend

Digital Advertising Strategies AdWords. It can be the best thing for your business if you know how to best use the program and if you don’t well let us just say you will never forget. No one is perfect, and everyone has made a mistake at some point in their career with the advertising giant.…

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Silver & Silver Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney

Local Spotlight: Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney Bruce Silver

Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney – Silver & Silver When accidents happen, the responsible party counts on the likelihood that the injured doesn’t know their legal rights. Most of the time, they’re right. Unless you’ve taken the time to study the law, the injured don’t understand exactly what the law protects and what it doesn’t.…

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White Plains Immigration Lawyer

White Plains Immigration Lawyer: Local Spotlight

White Plains Immigration Lawyer – Susan B. Henner Immigration is one of the most challenging and broad areas of law in the world. Between deadlines and enormous amounts of paperwork and forms if you do not have the right representation it can be tough to navigate. When it is time to find someone to handle…

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Reputation Management

Reputation Management: Jeb vs Trump and Redirection

Reputation Management: A Tale of Two Candidates We all know how powerful the internet and social media is in the current day, and one of the most powerful things anyone can do for their business is having a website. Of course your site should reflect your brand, and you also want it to rank well…

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Boca Raton Pediatric Dentist

Local Spotlight: Best Holistic Pediatric Dentist in Boca

Dr. Saadia and her team at Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry run an innovative practice that delivers state-of-the-art oral health care to children. As a Boca Raton Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Saadia provides gentle pediatric dental care to children in the Boca/Palm Beach County area. Boca Raton Pediatric Dentist: a Holistic approach for a gentler care Holistic…

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Dropping the Pin on Real Estate SEO

When looking for a new home, 90% of buyers turn straight to the Internet. Don’t pass Go. Don’t collect $200. Meaning Real Estate professionals are missing out on a HUGE market of potential clients if their online presence is anything less than up to par. In four years, real estate-related search terms increased by 253%…

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Delray Beach Personal Injury Attorney - Aronberg & Aronberg

Local Spotlight: Delray Beach Personal Injury Attorney – Aronberg & Aronberg

Delray Beach Personal Injury Attorney David T. Aronberg When you fall victim to the negligence of someone else and are injured, you probably feel powerless. What can you do against a big corporation? Said corporation likely has a team of attorneys primed ready to go against you, do you have any options? Fortunately, there is…

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law firm marketing bryan wilson

A Law Firm Marketing Case Study: Texas Law Hawk

We’ve been a little obsessed lately at Shark Bite SEO by a law firm marketing campaign that’s so ridiculous it works. Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, begins his attorney commercial by running down the street in slow motion while an American flag flutters wistfully behind him. Because, America. Next, Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk…

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google certified partner shark bite seo

What Does It Mean to Be a Google Certified Partner?

Not all SEO and Internet Marketing professionals are created equal. And it’s no secret that Shark Bite SEO is a Google Certified Partner. But what does that mean exactly? What is it that we have that the other guys don’t? Well, aside from an Almanac of street-fighting dance moves, we have a couples tricks rolled…

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