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Judgemental Map of Delray Beach

Judgemental Maps Takes on Delray Beach

Well Delray Beach is now “On The Proverbial Map”. Judgemental Maps ( has added Delray Beach to the list of places they have made their special maps for. Their maps are exactly what they say they are, judgemental. Whomever makes the map labels different parts of the city with stereotypes those areas are known for.…

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hiring search engine marketing agency

What To Look For In A Search Engine Marketing Agency

It’s a bit of a catch 22 isn’t it? Using a search engine to find a search engine marketing agency to meet your business’ search engine optimization needs? Woah – mind blown. But let’s reel it back a minute. Finding just any old search engine marketing agency isn’t as beneficial as it is to find…

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building digital brand presence

The Long Road of Creating A Digital Brand Presence

If there’s one question we get asked on a regular basis it’s this: how long is it going to take before I see results? The reality: you can never be too sure. We’ve had some clients see results immediately, while others have taken some time – and that’s okay. Building a digital SEO brand presence…

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Google Chrome Wordpress Problem

Google Chrome WordPress Problem

Google Chrome WordPress Problem As of June 28th a huge Google Chrome WordPress Problem has arisen. Users are unable to log into their WordPress websites and are getting error messages when trying to do so. This issue is also spilling over into front facing web users who are only able to see a websites raw…

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commandments effective web design

The 10 Commandments of Effective Web Design

In the beginning, Tim Berners-Lee made the first website and called it the World Wide Web – and it was good. Fourteen years later, there are over 644 million websites about everything and anything under the sun. Some of these websites so stunning they could even be considered works of art. Other websites…not so much.…

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content creation google news lab

Creating Content With Google News Lab

Google may have just introduced your content marketer to their new best friend. Google recently launched its latest addition to the Google family: Google News Lab. Even though its officially positioned in the words of Google as a collaboration “with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media,” it may just be the…

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Boca Raton Spa

Local Spotlight: Boca Raton Spa – Skin Apeel Day Spa

Skin Apeel Day Spa is a highly acclaimed Boca Raton spa. Noted for its unique approach to wellness and beauty, Skin Apeel is the go-to holistic spa for both residents and visitors. With so many spas in Boca Raton to choose from what is it that makes Skin Apeel so unforgettable? Their philosophy certainly plays…

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Google Sharks

The Power of a Shark Bite

Think you have what it takes to navigate the deep, dark waters of SEO? Where the tides change in the blink of an eye and fierce predators want nothing more than to sink your company’s sailing ship? Ok, maybe we’re being a bit dramatic. But in reality, quality SEO is hard to come by. We’re…

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call to action simple tips

3 Jedi Mind Tricks To Enhance Your Website’s Call to Action

Your new website looks great. Spot on. And the logo? Top notch. But wait…there’s something missing. Something that can easily be forgotten in the scope of the web design process, but holds the power of results. What could this seemingly miniscule web action be that holds the very force of my website in its hands?…

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Best Vegan Makeup

Local Spotlight: Bella Reina Spa – The Best Vegan Makeup

One can contest that the challenge for finding the best vegan makeup is almost impossible until they experience is home to an online vegan makeup collection aimed to serve the everyday woman with all of her beauty needs. The plethora of vegan cosmetics found here is enough to bring a smile to your…

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