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writing seo for man and machine

SEO: The Cross-Section of Writing For Man and Machine

Writing for Man and Machine If you’ve ever seen the first Terminator movie, then you know there’s a single theme throughout the entire movie – man vs. machine. There’s no mercy cries or second thoughts, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s one goal throughout that entire movie is to destroy Sarah Connor. But come Terminator 2 (the best Terminator…

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how to create content for you business

Content Marketing: How to Create Content for Your Business

If you’ve been around lately, then you know we’ve been talking about content marketing. What is content marketing? Why do I need it? While the latest buzzword in marketing keeps spreading like wildfire, we’ve gathered tips and tricks from across the industry to help you create content for your business and develop a strategy. Build…

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What Is Content Marketing?

Last year it was “mobile responsive design.” The year before that, “viewability.” This year, the buzzword of the day you’ll be hearing way more than you want is content marketing. Yes, content marketing. You may have heard the word floating around meetings over the past couple months and you probably associate it with websites like…

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SEO Pros and Internet Marketing Woes

It’s rough out there being an SEO professional. Keeping up with Google and its constantly changing algorithms can have your clients up one day and down the next. To add insult to injury, there are many marketers and web professionals claiming SEO is dead. But is it really? Or is it just misunderstood? We think…

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Material Design Taking Over 2015 Web Design Trends

If you’re bored with the simplicity and over saturation of flat design, then join the party Christopher Columbus. But luckily, Google is leading the journey to a brave new world. The Internet is once again going round as major influencers of the digital sphere are once again reclaiming design trends with something a little more…

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RI Divorce Lawyer

Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer – Local Spotlight

Rhode Island Divorce Attorney Elisha Morris Rhode Island Divorce has experienced a major upswing in recent years. This climbing trend of divorces and legal separation places experienced Rhode Island Divorce lawyer’s like Elisha Morris in high demand. Rhode Island Divorce Attorney Elisha Morris has dedicated her career to helping clients navigate the murky waters of…

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The Rise of Mobile-Users

The big debate of mobile vs. desktop is an engaging discussion of the future trends of internet usage. The million dollar question is, “Will mobile internet usage surpass the usage of the internet on desktop devices. And the answer is… Yes. The sheer statistics of 2013 mobile users are a clear indication of the direction…

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Rhode Island Elder Law

Rhode Island Elder Law & Family Law

Rhode Island Elder Law Elder Law Attorney Jeremy Howe has been a leading force in the Rhode Island elder law community for over 41 years. Attorney Howe was admitted in the state of RI in 1974. Over the years, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the fields of elder law and family law.…

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Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney

Local Spotlight: Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Susan T. Perkins

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Susan T. Perkins, DUI, Family/Divorce & LGBT Law On August 1, 2013, Rhode Island helped revolutionize America by legally recognizing same-sex marriages, even though it has recognized domestic partnerships in the state to some extent as early as 2002. Rhode Island is a state with some very forward-thinking and liberal…

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Local Spotlight: Russell Watergardens

Koi Ponds and Water Landscape Design Koi ponds and filters and waterfalls, oh my! Russell Watergardens is the respected leader in patented pond filtration systems and water gardening design. Products include: Skimmers Pumps Lights Drains Instilation Services And so much more Located in Redmond, Washington, Russell Watergardens is one of those shops where you walk…

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