Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer Troy A. Smith – Local Spotlight

Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer

Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer – Local Spotlight

Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer

With the amount of crime in New York city, wouldn’t you think there are a slew of qualified criminal defense attorneys to represent you? We do not find that to be the case.
When it comes to Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer’s there is only one attorney that we think should be in our spotlight and that person is Troy A. Smith. Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer Troy has made his career by getting those who have been charged with various criminal crimes the verdicts that they deserve. Troy began his career in the military where he served as a JAG attorney. Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Troy A. Smith has more than 20 years of trial experience and was a former New York City homicide prosecutor. As a Defense Attorney, he has tried hundreds of cases where other lawyers thought there was no hope but in the end Troys clients prevail.

Experienced Defense

Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer Troy has worked with his clients on a magnitude of different types of cases including robbery, assault, murder, and even fraud against the United States. When you hire a Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer you do not want someone who is fresh out of law school. You want someone who has dedicated themselves and taken the time to make sure that their clients get the results that they deserve. Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer Troy Smith and his office will work with you every step of the way. His team wants to make sure that you are never in the dark about what is going on with your case and that you will get the help that you need.

The Acquittal King

During his time as a JAG attorney, Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer Troy Smith was given the nickname the “Acquittal King” by an accomplished trial judge. He has since defended this crown in some of the most landmark cases Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer in New York City and abroad. Troy gets the results that his clients need! Do not be fooled by gimmicks or other tricks attorneys use. Go with results. You want to place your trust in an attorney who is going to get you the results that you need. Troys website is littered with testimonials and google reviews and he is proud to show off his five star rating with google maps. Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer’s has defended people from all walks of life from gang members to business man and is will to give your case the attention that it and you deserve.

Getting The Help You Deserve

If you have been arrested or are looking for the services of a Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer, then look no further. Troy has the spark, tenacity and fire in his belly to get you the results you want. He loves to win and make sure that his clients will tell their friends about their experience. If you would like to contact Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer Troy A. Smith contact us today for a free consultation at 914-358-1433.

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