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It’s Not The Google Algorithm Update – It’s You

It’s Not The Google Algorithm Update – It’s You Don’t take this the wrong way. Your business website and Google have had some good times together at the top of search results. And while its been a magical experience, I think it’s time to move on. After all, Google’s constantly on the front lines of…

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search engine optimization google rankbrain

Did Google Change its Search Engine Optimization Algorithm…Again?

The New Google RankBrain Algorithm Google’s search engine optimization algorithm is comparable to your first teenage relationship. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you know nothing, Jon Snow. Yesterday, news leaked from behind the sacred walls of Google that the search tycoon has been using an artificial intelligence, machine…

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overcome seo objections

Overcome SEO Objections To Convert SEO Unbelievers

Spend even one day in the life of an SEO professional and you’ll quickly discover where we land on the internet marketing totem pole. I’d say we undeservingly land somewhere between court jester and used car salesmen. At least, that’s how we’re commonly perceived. Just this year while attending a creative conference in NYC, one…

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content marketing and seo pairing

Content Marketing and SEO – A Happy Marriage

Content marketing and SEO have quickly taken over the Internet in only a few short years. It’s crazy to think that two of today’s most highly demanded jobs didn’t even exist a decade ago. How times they are a changin’. Yet, there’s nothing new under the sun and in this case the main goal of…

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seo toolbox

The SEO Toolbox

Despite what I’ve seen some Pinterest tutorials say, SEO setup is not a one-time thing. It’s also not a one-stop shop sort of thing either. You can’t put in a little metadata and some keywords and sit back expecting your blog to go viral. SEO takes consistent dedication to working and reworking the strategy to…

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hiring search engine marketing agency

What To Look For In A Search Engine Marketing Agency

It’s a bit of a catch 22 isn’t it? Using a search engine to find a search engine marketing agency to meet your business’ search engine optimization needs? Woah – mind blown. But let’s reel it back a minute. Finding just any old search engine marketing agency isn’t as beneficial as it is to find…

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building digital brand presence

The Long Road of Creating A Digital Brand Presence

If there’s one question we get asked on a regular basis it’s this: how long is it going to take before I see results? The reality: you can never be too sure. We’ve had some clients see results immediately, while others have taken some time – and that’s okay. Building a digital SEO brand presence…

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Google Chrome Wordpress Problem

Google Chrome WordPress Problem

Google Chrome WordPress Problem As of June 28th a huge Google Chrome WordPress Problem has arisen. Users are unable to log into their WordPress websites and are getting error messages when trying to do so. This issue is also spilling over into front facing web users who are only able to see a websites raw…

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Google Sharks

The Power of a Shark Bite

Think you have what it takes to navigate the deep, dark waters of SEO? Where the tides change in the blink of an eye and fierce predators want nothing more than to sink your company’s sailing ship? Ok, maybe we’re being a bit dramatic. But in reality, quality SEO is hard to come by. We’re…

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writing seo for man and machine

SEO: The Cross-Section of Writing For Man and Machine

Writing for Man and Machine If you’ve ever seen the first Terminator movie, then you know there’s a single theme throughout the entire movie – man vs. machine. There’s no mercy cries or second thoughts, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s one goal throughout that entire movie is to destroy Sarah Connor. But come Terminator 2 (the best Terminator…

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