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The end of Google+

What You Need To Know About The End of Google+

Next August, the social media platform that everyone had but no one paid attention to will say goodbye to consumers. Google Plus, started in 2011 when the company tried to make its own social media site, in order to compete with Facebook. Unfortunately, for the almighty deity of search engines, it did not take off…

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facebook like button emojis

Facebook Like Button Gets All Emojis Gone Wild

Back in September, everyone was up in arms about Mark Zuckerberg’s reveal that Facebook was in the works on changing up the “like” button. “I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years. Today is a special day because today is the day I can say we’re working on it and shipping…

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hiring search engine marketing agency

What To Look For In A Search Engine Marketing Agency

It’s a bit of a catch 22 isn’t it? Using a search engine to find a search engine marketing agency to meet your business’ search engine optimization needs? Woah – mind blown. But let’s reel it back a minute. Finding just any old search engine marketing agency isn’t as beneficial as it is to find…

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content creation google news lab

Creating Content With Google News Lab

Google may have just introduced your content marketer to their new best friend. Google recently launched its latest addition to the Google family: Google News Lab. Even though its officially positioned in the words of Google as a collaboration “with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media,” it may just be the…

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Google Sharks

The Power of a Shark Bite

Think you have what it takes to navigate the deep, dark waters of SEO? Where the tides change in the blink of an eye and fierce predators want nothing more than to sink your company’s sailing ship? Ok, maybe we’re being a bit dramatic. But in reality, quality SEO is hard to come by. We’re…

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how to create content for you business

Content Marketing: How to Create Content for Your Business

If you’ve been around lately, then you know we’ve been talking about content marketing. What is content marketing? Why do I need it? While the latest buzzword in marketing keeps spreading like wildfire, we’ve gathered tips and tricks from across the industry to help you create content for your business and develop a strategy. Build…

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Google Partner Lunch

Eat, Drink, Make Money!

We are bringing back the business lunch Wednesday February 11th @ 12:00 $FREE (RSVP Required) – Space Limited to First 30 Guests Shark Bite SEO, Google, and Hudson at Waterway East invite you to the first in a series of business lunch and networking events. It is not often you get to gain valuable insights…

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Millennium Tower Boston

Shark Bite SEO Powers Millennium Tower Boston

Now and then our world of tech-savvy digital development crosses paths with history. Millennium Tower Boston is set to make history by redefining the new Boston skylines. The Millennium Tower Project will be the tallest residential tower in Boston soaring 55 stories high and over 600 feet. Imagine our excitement when approached by Bushari Group…

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Visual Content

5 Must Knows About Visual Content

“A picture’s worth a thousand words.”   1- What’s All the Fuss About Visual Content? Over the course of the last decade the method of communicating information over the internet has evolved with each new cycle creating a condensed version of the latter. Our mediums progressed from blogs to Facebook updates to tweets to IG…

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