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As more and more people use mobile phones and tablets in place of the desktop in order to search for products and serves. Google is putting rater and greater emphasis on sites being Mobile Friendly. So much so that if your website is NOT Mobile Friendly Google is penalizing your site.

  • If your site is not mobile responsive you are not showing up in Google mobile search results at all!
  • I your site is not mobile compliant it CANNOT be viewed on a mobile device!
  • People searching on mobile for your services have an urgent need and are likely to call.
  • Do not lose 62% of the business in your area.
  • Check your website now for FREE!

Check your site now for free!!!


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As the number of smartphone users rises, consumers are becoming less patient with sites that aren’t already prepared for mobile age.


of users feel frustrated and annoyed when they visit nonmobile-friendly sites


of users who have bad mobile experiences are less likely to engage with companies


say that, when sites don’t work well on their smartphones, it makes them feel like the companies don’t care about their business.

A recent Google study revealed that mobile-friendly sites increase the likelihood of getting customers and clients and that those that aren’t optimized lose out.


of people admit that they will use websites less if they aren’t mobile-friendly, even if they already like the companies


of users are likely to leave quickly if your site is not optimized well for mobile devices.


of users are more likely to do business with mobile-friendly sites.

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