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Google may have just introduced your content marketer to their new best friend.

Google recently launched its latest addition to the Google family: Google News Lab. Even though its officially positioned in the words of Google as a collaboration “with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media,” it may just be the content tool your marketing team has been begging for.

Google News Lab works by offering help in four areas of journalism: research, reporting, distribution and optimization. Through a series of lessons, Google News Lab teaches its students to master new tools in reporting and data journalism to use them in a way that tells a more accurate story through data. Sound a little confusing? Let’s break it down in detail.


In Google New Lab’s Research block, we’re given advanced lessons in some tried and true tools like Advanced Search and Google Translate. But then we’re introduced to a whole new set of tools you may never have even heard of before, like Public Data Explorer and Consumer Surveys. Whether your company’s a huge agency or a small in-house team, New Lab gives you the power of an entire newsroom within one program and puts powerhouse reporting power in the hands of anyone.


News Lab’s Reporting tools put the content manager in the center of the action. Your company’s budget probably doesn’t want to spend the money on sending your content writer into a war zone (or on insurance coverage) for a blog piece. News Lab’s Reporting provides lessons on how to use Google Maps, YouTube and Google Earth in all new ways to tell groundbreaking stories without ever leaving their desk. It also provides visualization tools to enhance the story and aid in research.


Creating content is only half the battle, getting it out there even more so. Lessons in Distribution focus on the big picture to streamline content across channels. There’s three great lessons that are YouTube specific and incorporate great programs like Google’s Partner Program and Creator Academy.


News Lab’s Optimize section is where SEO managers will get to be involved in the process. Optimize tools use Google Analytics and metadata to enhance aspects of the process on the backend.

As technology continues to expand the world and broaden how much of it we’re exposed to, journalism, storytelling and content marketing blur across spectrums to transform how we’re telling stories. Reporting and storytelling has evolved to include the reader, listener and viewer in the story. Stories are no longer one-sided monologs, but create entire dialogs. We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited to see how content creators and technologists will work together to tell compelling stories.

Posted on July 8, 2015 in Digital Advertising Strategy, Social Media Management

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