What Does It Mean to Be a Google Certified Partner?

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Not all SEO and Internet Marketing professionals are created equal. And it’s no secret that Shark Bite SEO is a Google Certified Partner. But what does that mean exactly? What is it that we have that the other guys don’t? Well, aside from an Almanac of street-fighting dance moves, we have a couples tricks rolled up our sleeves that you just won’t find anywhere else.

What does it mean to be a Google Certified Partner?

If there’s one thing SEO and Internet Marketing agencies know above anything else, it’s that our industry is flooded with a lot of lip talk and little action or proof to go on. And we get it if you don’t trust us. We’re sure you’ve heard a lot of empty promises from a lot of sweet talkers only to be left out in the cold and a couple grand. But don’t let that jade you from the technically beautiful world that is SEO. A Google Certified Partner isn’t just your next of the run SEO company and here’s why.

Accountability & Reputation

As Google Certified Partners were held to higher standards. Not just by clients and potential clients, but by Google itself. In order to be a Google Certified Partner a company must meet a standard of requirements. We must:

  • Manage an ad spend of at least $10,000 every 90 days
  • Have a proven history of managaing AdWords
  • Employ Google AdWords certified professionals
  • Implement Google best practices
  • Stay up to date with and knowledgeable of Google algorithm changes

Being a partner means employing certified professionals to deliver quality service and offer creative Internet Marketing strategies for their clients in a way that the competition can’t deliver.

Profitability & Quality

Working with a Google Certified Partner means you’ll get quality customer service, professional strategy and see a return on your investment. Before becoming a Google Certified Partner Google reviews an agency’s client accounts to make sure the quality of their strategy and level of service is in line with Google’s standards. Google looks for evidence by ensuring keywords, ads, landing pages and other strategies work together to drive site traffic of correct audiences. They also look at conversion rates and leads to make sure clients are happy with the company’s services.

Google Access & Personal Reps

We don’t mean to brag (yes we do), but we have direct access to Google. Yep, you heard right. We’ve got those guys on speed dial. As a Google Certified Partner with a hefty ad spend, we’re able to dial up our very own Google rep to resolve client issues without waiting in line. The average Google service turnaround takes three days. Not with us. We give Google Gus a call and he will help us resolve AdWord issues in an instant. Additionally, Google Certified Partners are granted priority access to all of Google’s latest and greatest. Whenever Google runs a beta application or feature, we’re able to test it up to a year before being gifted to the general public.

Google is a big company with a big name. We’re proud to bare this name and count ourselves among the SEO/Internet Marketing Elite as a Google Certified Partner. Working with Shark Bite SEO guarantees you the quality and professionalism you expect to receive from Google itself.

Posted on December 23, 2015 in Digital Advertising Strategy, Search Engine Optimization

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