Google Chrome WordPress Problem

Google Chrome Wordpress Problem

Google Chrome WordPress Problem

As of June 28th a huge Google Chrome WordPress Problem has arisen. Users are unable to log into their WordPress websites and are getting error messages when trying to do so. This issue is also spilling over into front facing web users who are only able to see a websites raw content without the stylesheets coming into play. This problem has been sweeping the internet since Google Chrome version 44 launched.

What is the Problem? Is it WordPress or Chrome?

Here at Shark Bite SEO we spent hours looking into this problem to find the root of the issue and find a fix. We were successful in fixing the issue on ALL of our clients websites so their sites would display properly on ANY version of Chrome including the new release. We determined that WordPress websites that use WooCommerce are the websites that are affected by this Chrome Bug and are not displaying properly. This also holds true for websites that use plugins like Contact Form 7. Shark Bite SEO got to the root of the problem and went deep into the websites code to find a fix. Is your WordPress site with WooCommerce having this problem? No need to fear as we have come up with the proper code to implement on your WordPress WooCommerce website so that it properly renders in Chrome.

What was happening to my WordPress site?

This was the question of the hour when this whole issue arose. We determined that Chrome was forcing HTTPS on all of the assets of the website so if the site didn’t have an SSL and wasnt HTTPS the stylesheets and scripts wouldn’t load because Chrome was trying to load them with an https protocol. Your Connection is Not Private
People were seeing a message on their screen saying “Your connection is not private” and that the “Server certificate doesn’t correspond with the url”. The reason for this is that every http link on the site (for css, javascript, etc) is being rewritten as https and therefore is not found.

We Can Help

If you are having this Google Chrome WordPress Problem call us today at 866-640-8880 or email us at to put the Shark Bite SEO team to work for you!

Posted on July 27, 2015 in Search Engine Optimization

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