Google’s Underwater Tech Predators

Google Sharks

Underwater Tech Predators
Sharks are literally taking a bite out of Google. The necessity of underwater data cables requires Google to protect its underwater network from predator sharks known for attacking them. The sharks are naturally drawn to the magnetic field of the cables by its signals, which are similar to those given off by distressed fish. Supposedly, the company uses Kevlar-like material to cover the data cables and keep them well-protected from any shark bites. Read more about the underwater data battle between the infamous tech giant and the kings of the sea.

Experts this week have warned the internet could be running out of space, but it could also be under a completely different threat – sharks.
Google protects its underwater data cables from shark bites with a hi-tech material, according to one of its employees.
The fibre optic cables are responsible for carrying the world’s internet traffic, and they are protected from knocks that could break the glass tubes, as well as from shark bites that could break the backbone of the internet.

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