Local Spotlight – Jeremy Howe: Divorce and Mediation Lawyer in RI

mediationThe law is not only about keeping bad people off of the streets. It is also intended to help competing interests work through complicated issues as quickly, carefully, and completely as possible. The Law Offices of Howe & Garside specializes in complicated matters related to family law, estate planning, mediation and more in which right are wrong are not easy to establish. The legal professionals on the team have decades of experience and have established themselves as trusted experts in their field of specialty.

When people are going through difficult and deeply personal issues related to divorce, adoption, the division of assets, or planning for the end of life, The Law Offices of Howe & Garside serve as a guide and beacon. There is a lot riding on the outcome of these issues. And without experienced and committed legal counsel, it is almost impossible to expect things to work out in your favor. Do not leave anything up to chance. And do not concede any advantage to the other side. Work with a team who has the experience and client commitment you need to navigate through complex legal matters.

Practice Areas of Howe & Garside

There is a fair amount of overlap between issues regarding marriages, children, families, and assets. The Law Offices of Howe & Garside understand that one issue often leads to another, which is why the range of legal services the firm offers extends so broadly. Clients are able to get all the help they need by working with one team who has experience with everything. It is for that reason that The Law Offices of Howe & Garside have become a leading provider counsel related to family law and estate planning issues and a pioneer in the field of divorce mediation. This is an overview of the kinds of legal assistance that are available:

  • Family Law – This legal category is a lot more complicated than many people expect. In addition to covering divorce, family law is also designed to settle issues related to child custody and support, along with alimony and the division of assets. Couples who have yet to marry may be interested in a prenuptial agreement or even a post-nuptial agreement. There are also a number of complicated legal issues related to adoptions, whether domestic or international. Navigating these waters and using the law to your advantage requires a legal team with extensive experience in family law and a total commitment to the interests of the client. The extensive experience of the lawyers at Howe & Garside ensures that complexities and complications do not put some of life’s biggest moments and decisions in precarious positions.
  • Estate Planning – Preparing for the end of life requires a lot more than simply drafting a will. It is important for people to establish certain legal protections early in life in the event that they fall ill or are incapacitated and can no longer make important decisions on their own. Passing on assets to heirs is also more complicated than many people realize, especially when those assets include things like real estate, business interests, or pensions. The Law Offices at Howe & Garside understand both how important and how complex estate planning really is in practice. With the help of patient and informative legal counsel, you can ensure that your wishes are carried out to the letter while avoiding unnecessary delays and tax penalties.
  • Pension Division Law – For many older people, a pension is a significant source of income late in life. As a result, when a couple decides to divorce, both parties will have an interest in that pension. It is possible to make provisions dividing a pension up, whether earned through traditional employment or military service, but it requires a careful understanding of complicated legal mechanisms. The Law Offices of Howe & Garside can work with one or both parties to ensure that pension benefits transfer to a second party in the event of divorce, death, or disability.
  • Meditation – Just because a married couple decides to split up does not mean they want to go through an acrimonious divorce. Mediation is an alternative that has grown in popularity in recent years because it gives the couple a lot more control over how they end their marriage. Rather than go through the courts, they work with a mediator to settle issues related to children and the division of assets. Mediation tends to cost less and take less time, and for some couples, it is the ideal approach. The attorneys at Howe & Garside have extensive experience with mediation and can advise parties on how to use this process to their advantage. The mediation process can also be used to settle disputes between parents and children, siblings, or other closely linked parties who want to bypass the rigid structure of the courts.


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