Judgemental Maps Takes on Delray Beach

Judgemental Map of Delray Beach

Well Delray Beach is now “On The Proverbial Map”. Judgemental Maps (Judgementalmaps.com) has added Delray Beach to the list of places they have made their special maps for. Their maps are exactly what they say they are, judgemental. Whomever makes the map labels different parts of the city with stereotypes those areas are known for.
Some of our favorites:

– On 95 North it says “Rude Drivers going home to NY”

– Over Pineapple Grove it says “Artsy Fartsy District”

– Over Kings Point it says “Average Age = 100”

– The Area on Federal between Linton and Atlantic says “Halfway Houses and Lots of People in Rehab”

What are your favorite parts?
Judgemental Map of Delray Beach

Posted on August 19, 2015 in Delray Beach

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