A Law Firm Marketing Case Study: Texas Law Hawk

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We’ve been a little obsessed lately at Shark Bite SEO by a law firm marketing campaign that’s so ridiculous it works. Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, begins his attorney commercial by running down the street in slow motion while an American flag flutters wistfully behind him. Because, America. Next, Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk (get use to the phrase), takes over your screen in an explosion of legality. A young attorney, Bryan Wilson, gruffs out phrases such as, “Talons of justice!” and, “Know your rights!” in a voice that’s not unlike his best Captain America impersonation. He catches a fish, impersonates a police officer, busts up a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos and even ghost rides an Escalade in what could possibly be the best law firm marketing strategies of the decade.

A Law Firm Marketing Case Study: Texas Law Hawk

What is it about the Texas Law Hawk that works? How can a young attorney go about making the most absurd videos and still be taken seriously in the courtroom? Let’s break it down shall we.

Break Tradition

Most law firm marketing strategies follow a similar model: get a website, make it look good, buy a radio ad or two. And because defending people in a respected court of law is serious business, the tone of voice must remain authoritative as well. Bryan Wilson turns this notion on its head. More than likely, well-seasoned attorneys and law firms have already secured top spots on Google search pages, making it extremely difficult for a young attorney gone rogue to make it on the front page of Google. Taking full advantage of his youth, Attorney Wilson explodes through the gray drudge of cliche lines and billboard advertisements while popping a wheely on a motorcycle (See video #2).

Know Your Audience

Still, how does this guy get away with this stuff? Because he’s young and targeting a specific audience. A more mature lawyer with high prestige, catering to top paying clientele probably can’t get away with running around Texas yelling, “Due process, do wheelies.” But a fresh-faced attorney targeting DUIs? Now we’re on to something.

Bryan Wilson’s commercials target a very niche audience: 20-something and young professionals. He’s not looking to retain the latest high-profile case or represent clients worth millions of dollars. His law firm marketing approach is towards the 29-year-old medical sales rep aggravated for refusing a search of his wares, or to the college football fan arrested for public intoxication. He gives those making small, and sometimes unnecessary, run-ins with the law a way out.

Be Relateable

On that note, Bryan Wilson can cater to his audience because he is his audience. This is a young attorney who has all the time in the world to mature in his career as an attorney. Why not have a little fun with it now? While his commercials verge on outrageous, his website and demeanor in the courtroom do not. His website offers a plethora of tangible information on DUIs, what to do if the police show up at your door, expunctions and legal current events. He graduated at the top of his class and has the experience to back it up. With their laissez-faire attitudes and work-life balance tendencies, Millennials have proven to be a tough market for Baby Boomers to reach. Breaking character on his commercial and revealing that Judge Judy is one of his heroes makes Bryan Wilson relatable to his young audience who cite transparency as one of their top influencers when choosing a brand or service.

Law Firm Marketing With Shark Bite SEO

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