Local Authority Building – Citation & Link Requesting

What is a Citation?

A local citation is a mention of your brand on a local website outside of your own. When you include your brand name, address and phone number, the citation gets picked up by Google. This creates another reference to your business that Google identifies and uses to make your business more visible through better rankings and more visibility.

What is a Local Link?

A local link is a link on another site that sends users back to your site.

Why Do You Need Local Citation & Links?

Earning local citations and links will improve our local presence within Google. When you have a large local presence, Google picks up on it and rewards you by magnifying that presence even further through better rankings.

How Will They Benefit My Business?

The more local citations and local links you have, the better you rank. When you request a local citation by getting a family member, a friend or a local business to mention your brand on their website, you not only create better visibility for your business but also signal to Google that you are an authority in your area.

Google wants to deliver value to people, so when they see your authority status in the form of several people and businesses linking to your site, they make sure to let other people know about your authority as well.

What’s The Next Step?

Create an introduction between SharkBite SEO and a family member, a friend or local business who has a website and might agree to mention (Citation) or link to your brand/website.

Once the introduction is made we will suggest several options and ensure both parties gain value out of the transaction.

Introduction template you can use:

Hi {Insert Name},

Hope all is well. We’re currently working on improving our search engine optimization (SEO) and our digital marketing company SharkBite SEO suggested that we reach out to local contacts within our network to ask for a mention or link on their websites. They asked us to make an introduction between both parties and they will take care of it. They specified that they can work with your web guy or add the information themselves, if you don’t have one.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would mention our brand or link to our website in the format they specify. {Insert Name}, I’ve included my SharkBite SEO contact to this email, if you’re willing to work with them and link to my site it will be greatly appreciated.


Posted on February 27, 2017 in Search Engine Optimization

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