Local Spotlight: Best Holistic Pediatric Dentist in Boca

Boca Raton Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Saadia and her team at Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry run an innovative practice that delivers state-of-the-art oral health care to children. As a Boca Raton Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Saadia provides gentle pediatric dental care to children in the Boca/Palm Beach County area.

Boca Raton Pediatric Dentist: a Holistic approach for a gentler care

Holistic Dentistry encompasses not only the dental care of the patient but the whole individual. This modern approach to pediatric dentistry looks at the whole child, not just their teeth. Health, diet, behavior and environment all play important roles. While regular brushing and flossing play an important role in oral health, good nutrition keeps growing children strong from the inside out. Boca Raton Pediatric Dentist Dr. Saadia teaches that a wholesome diet high in veggies, fruits and whole grains plays a key role in the child’s immune system. When your child is healthy, their immune system is strong, making them less exposed to developing an oral disease.

Pioneer in Laser Dentistry in Boca Raton

Engaged on the holistic philosophy, Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry uses Laser Dentistry to give children the most comfortable treatment possible. The Waterlase iPlus Laser uses a potent combination of energized water and light to safely perform a variety of dental procedures that would otherwise use a damaging drill or scalpel. This advanced technology is also utilized in the office to perform a procedure called Frenectomy. When searching for Boca Raton Dentist that offer this infant tongue or lip releasing procedure, Dr. Saadia has been highly recommended by lactation specialist in South Florida. When a newborn is struggling to breastfeed because of constricted movement of the tongue or lips, a frenectomy with Laser is proven to be the best and least painful choice.

Unique Philosophy on Pediatric Dental Care

Dr. Saadia received her pediatric dental specialty training at University of Connecticut and spent a year doing her Fellowship in Pediatric Dentistry at Yale New Haven Hospital and Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut with the Craniofacial team there. In addition to being the first female board certified in pediatric dentistry in Boca Raton, she is an active member of American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.Her dedication to pediatric dentistry, along with kind touch makes her the preferred choice not only by parents but by the kids too. Her entire office is setup to help the children to get comfortable. Her passion for holistic dentistry inspires children to pursue a healthy lifestyle and consequently healthy teeth.

Visit Palm Beach Pediatric Dentistry to learn more about Dr. Saadia and her team. Schedule an appointment or for more information, please give us a call at (561) 477-3535.

Posted on February 4, 2016 in Local Spotlight

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