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electrical panelSuncoast Electric and Air have been serving the Delray Beach area for over 20 years. They have always focused on family and home safety. The highly skilled electricians seek not only to protect families but help them understand the dangers of any expired electrical panel and wiring. Installation is fast. Within as little as 24 hours of you contacting them, they are not only focused but thorough.

Electrical panels are boards in your home that distribute electricity through smaller circuits. You should update your panels regularly to prevent potential fires. At Suncoast, electricians are well-versed in the problems that could arise if the electric wiring isn’t taken care of. They seek to share this information with clients to keep them safe.

If you need electrical work in any capacity done in your home, Suncoast Electric and Air is here to help. Whether you’re noticing electronics not working or you want to remodel your kitchen, they can provide the perfect fix for you.

Electrical Panel Experts


Regardless of whether you’re upgrading to meet new homeowner standards or you’re having electricity issues, Suncoast Electric and Air are qualified to assist you. They provide complimentary estimates that explain upgrade options and costs to replace items like fuse boxes.

If you’re considering remodeling, Suncoast can help with necessary electric panel upgrades. Particularly for homeowners with older houses, fuse boxes are often outdated. They are usually only capable of handling 60 amps of power. Modern technology can need up to 200 amps, so updating an electrical panel may be necessary. If you’re considering adding modern appliances like new stoves and refrigerators, a licensed electrician can offer fast service with professional tips to keep your circuitry stable.

The electricians at Suncoast put the safety of your family first. They may offer suggestions like updating circuit breakers to ensure security systems are at peak performance.

Electrical Repairs

The Electrical Panel Solutions team at Suncoast undergo extensive hands-on training to handle your electrical repair needs. Every employee is licensed and up-to-date on electrical and building codes, from local to national. They train to be able to catch issues in your electrical wiring which could leave your home susceptible to fires and shocks.

When you see electrical issues, there is often little time to correct the problem. Suncoast’s team is always on standby for wiring issues, no matter the time or day, rain or shine. If you notice electrical issues like weather-related flickering, failing plugs, sparky light fixtures, frequent outages or if you have aged wiring, contact them immediately. After correcting the issue, they can offer simple tips to reduce the possibility of future electrical problems. This courtesy lowers your need to spend money on more repairs.


Electrical Panel Repairs and Installation

Have you recently remodeled your home or purchased new electrical panels? If not, you’re probably using 25% more power than you should. As technology gets bigger and better, electronics need more power. The older the panel, the more overloaded it becomes when trying to power your electronics. This overpowering can lead to damaged electronics or even a fire in your home.

Electrical panels, or breaker panels or fuse boxes, supply different amounts of electricity to circuits in your home. In an event where the panel fails, it can destroy or damage all the electrical equipment in your home. Older homes have either Federal Pacific, ITE pushmatic or Zinsco panels, all of which are obsolete.

Some of the signs you may need your panel repaired include a limited number of outlets, the panel has screws in the fuses, sparking when you plug or unplug cords, fuses or breakers fail often, or breakers failing under their normal load. More obvious signs may be damaged cables, excess moisture or improper wiring. Even if an electrician recently repaired your panel, Suncoast will check everything over to make sure none of the work is faulty.

If you do not contact an electrician at first notice of these issues, heat can build up in the circuit breaker and cause a fire. More importantly, updating the panel will not only make your home run more efficiently but keep your family safe from harm’s way.


Available 24/7

Suncoast electricians take the “any time you need us” phrase seriously. Any number of electrical issues could happen at your home or workplace outside of the 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. timeframe. So if old panels crack or warp, lightning strikes, power surges or a double tapped breaker causes trouble, Suncoast is only a call away.


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